fall comes late to california. indian summer seems to be officially over, and even my sun starved bones surrender and i am beginning to crave all things pumpkin and spicey. it was a ripe season, and in an introductory effort for old friends just met, here is a pictorial tribute.

Following the Kinetic Sculpture Race

following the kinetic sculpture race in humboldt county on a cold and dreary memorial day weekend.

apricot and loquat jam

i spent a lot of time foraging for public fruit trees this summer, and going to the free farmers market. one result was that i made a lot of jam. plum butter too. and pies. and salve. it’s amazing how much free wild food is out there, literally rotting on the vine. (i’m talking in the city, not the wilderness where it’s put to good use by the critters).


in addition to the community garden plot, i had a lovely container garden on the downstairs back porch. i attempted the impossible, and decided to grow heirloom tomatoes in san francisco. not only that, but i used varieties that i purchased at a farmer’s market in redding. where the summer average temp is over 100 degrees. believe it or not, i ended up having a bumper crop. this is just one of many harvests. and i have a sun gold cherry tomato in the community plot that just keeps on kickin.

moses supposes

as well as veggies, my garden exploded with color from different flowers. the above is from a rescued rose bush, that did splendidly at the beginning and then succumbed to saw fly larvae. unfortunately, i never did get a shot of the full glory of the garden. i also had old fashioned zinnias like the one below, purple salvia, sunflowers, love-lies-bleeding (amaranth) and fox gloves.

grannies flowershardly strictly bluegrass '09

i don’t always wear a cowboy hat. this was our first family outing…to hardly strictly bluegrass. i’ve gone every year, and thought maybe i couldn’t swing this one, seeing as how i had just given birth two weeks earlier. but in an act of fierce determination to see something other than the family bed i had been recovering on, we made it. jeff trekked down there at 8 in the morning to score a spot, and score he did! we had a great view. fern especially enjoyed doc watson.

we had a few other excursions for summer fun. several trips up to redding, whiskeytown lake, my secret hotsprings. spent a lot of time nesting, setting up our communal bedroom, combing flea markets and yard sales for baby stuff, that kind of thing.

oh, and yeah. i grew a human.



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