gnome again gnome again jiggety jig

when i was in my 9th month with fern, a lovely couple stopped me on the street and said, “we were just going to take some baby clothes to the salvation army, but then we saw you. are you having a girl?”. and they gifted me with a giant box of used clothes. among these was my favorite little newborn hat…a cream wool knit, with a little peak at the top that made fern look like an elf.

she sadly outgrew it pretty quickly, but i have been determined to make her an abundance of little elf hats to last her entire childhood. luckily, i happened upon the tutorial “make a gnome hat” from acorn pies.

acorn pies is AMAZING. it is, potentially, My New Favorite Thing. beth is dedicated to sharing natural crafts and toymaking and i have decided i love her. she even has a tutorial on how to shoot a plantain flower head…something i took for granted from my childhood that everyone knew, but have since shared with countless city kids.

she recommends making the hat from a felted wool sweater. but i was too excited to wait until i got to the thrift store. so i grabbed some regular craft felt and got to work. i made this in an hour, after an annoying day, and it completely resuscitated me. i look forward to making another, taking my time to get the fit right and using different fabric. (jeff found some purple fleece on the street today…ask and ye shall receive.)

i also did the owl quickly, and you can see the uneven stitches and dried glue by the foot…i was just too excited to finish and less interested in perfection.

february 7th addendum: i made another one last night! and this morning jeff found RED felt on the street. hooray!


9 thoughts on “gnome again gnome again jiggety jig

  1. You, my dear, are utterly talented! Love it!!
    You should try to do the felted wool — I guess it’s fantastic.
    Give Fern a kiss for me!
    Love Ya,
    Auntie C,

  2. Hi Mary! I just found you very randomly while reading the Farmama blog (she is my latest hero) and saw the name Mary Good in the comments. Can there be more than one? Perhaps, but you are the one that I know… (I am Kerri’s friend, also Mary!) SO cool to see your blog… I have one as well… Love these little hats and your Fern is adorable! Congratulations!! Will be reading more often. Put a link to mine below. Take care!

  3. How did I miss this posting?! Brilliant. And sooooooo cute! Corvis is getting more and more assertive about not wearing hats. I may have to make one for myself. 🙂

    I love the owl and the mushroom. They give me great ideas for my felt board.

  4. HOLY moly cuteness!!! that little mushroom- hehehe

    I’m just browsing around on your blog now 😉 Nice holiday off, coffee by my side, chilly kinda morning. I just read your blogs namesake post and saw that you are an MFT? Makes sense to me now (more) as to why you are intuitive and even more aware of your surroundings (“treehuggerieness” hahah). very cool… ok, I promise I won’t be lurking for long- ha!

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