all hail, march!

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold; when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade.” –Charles Dickens

our back steps after one of the many storms.

yesterday afternoon contained a wonderful sequence of three things.

1. jeff was spending time with his son, and i was holding down the fort with fern, hanging out on the family bed. from the corner where i breast feed, i can see out our bay windows that look over downtown. as i watched the rain and hail sweep across the city, chasing the sun, a giant rainbow appeared. the end of it was near enough to touch. fern was booble snoozing, so i couldn’t move, or ruin the moment by running around looking for the camera. so i sat, and took it in as much as i could, although the beauty felt much bigger than my capacity to hold it. all we could do was let it wash over us, and feel grateful.

2. a half hour later, fern was just awakening and i was still watching the sky, a moment in between storms. a flock of birds swooped over the garden and then did a double back dip down. about the size of starlings or robins, there was something more. fern and i got up and went over to the window. they were perched at varying heights all over the tree, all facing the same direction. brownish yellowish red bodies, grey wings, black eyeliner, black beaks, little crest at the top of the head. these are not san francisco birds, i thought. i called my mom (where i learned my love for feather people) and described them to her, thinking she could point me in the right direction. she reminded me of a species that used to descend on our cherry trees, devouring the fruit. the name was on the tip of her tongue, as it was mine. i combed through my bird guide, and finally found them. cedar waxwings. they must have been migrating over the city when they got caught in between storms, because 30 seconds after they took refuge in the tree, the prop master in the clouds dumped out buckets of icy bebes. i wonder if they are in the area for the toyon berries, or some other brief harvest of late winter goodness. i’m so glad they passed through, what an honor to see them.

cedar waxwing

3. part of the daily rhythm i try to establish for fern is music time. jeff has downloaded oodles of music, much more than i can keep track of. i scroll through and we try our luck. right now, fern’s favorite song is “caught up in you” by 38 special. she also gets excited when i put on dance tunes. yesterday, she confirmed a suspicion i’ve been having about some behavior she exhibits during catchy tunes. i found the 90s hit “everybody dance now” by c & c music factory. i hit play and turned up the volume. fern got a big grin on her face…and started dancing. she looks like stevie wonder, wiggling her head back and forth and pumping her legs. i had seen her do it the night before to a different song, but thought “nah…couldn’t be”. but indeed, my little darlin’ likes to get her groove on. i was so delighted, so joyous and wouldn’t you know it…there wasn’t a soul around to shout it to. so i called my mom again. wonderful wonderful.

we also tried out the bumbo seat again, and finally she seems to like it.

i updated our “garden challenge” page yesterday (link to the right). planting has begun!

i hope your week is wonderful!


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