and we’re off!

i posted in the garden challenge a few days ago about finally getting some soil and planting the first of our seeds. initially i used what i had leftover from last year. then yesterday i obtained just a few packets from safeway, of all places. they’re burpee….not my first choice, and “usda organic” (which could mean anything), but i thought i’d give them a shot.

we are on EBT foodstamps, and believe it or not, you can use foodstamps to buy seeds and plants to grow food! that is, you can use them if anyone at the cash register has an ounce of competence or knowledge. we tried buying them initially at several different places, all of which were 1. argumentative about whether or not we could actually do this and when they finally called a manager we 2. were still unable to buy them because the computer system in use would not accept the stamps for “dry goods”. finally at safeway i went to customer service, asked for a manager, and got the go-ahead that yes, indeed, they had heard of this and yes, indeed, the computer system could handle it. unfortunately, i still did not avoid the desire to smack my head against the check stand when my cashier, once again, argued with me about it and not once, not twice, but three times screwed up the transaction.

luckily, i will not try to go through this again because TA-DA!!

my wonderful friend america is a garden elf extraordinaire. she has a hook up that enables her to get seeds that can no longer be sold because they are from last year. however, they are still viable, and she has OODLES. oodles, i tell you! what you see in the picture is but a fraction. today i spent every spare minute combing through the box she gave me, and now i have a delightful little pile at home of over 30 tiny little envelopes with tiny little heirloom variety seeds. (now we just need more containers, pots and 1/2 wine barrels. help!)

also, america is just awesome in general. i offer proof:

how cute is that? i feel very loved.

speaking of feeling loved, i recently did a crafty swap with Suzane from “Down in the Meadow” , a mom in south africa who makes lovely hand knitted, all natural waldorf inspired toys. in her “swap shop” she has items she would love to trade in exchange for something of yours. so i sent her daughter a pair of feather earrings, and in exchange i requested these little acorn dollies for fern. they came yesterday (such a long journey….they were very happy to get out of their package) and fern loves them:

here’s three of them…one is already at large somewhere in a pile of fern’s stuff

(revision re: making links in blog text…thanks betty! )

in other news, fern and i moseyed up to alamo square this morning and noticed something delightful. ordinary, but i’ve been waiting…

i’ve been dying to try my hand at dandelion wine and thought i’d have to wait until summer. the hills are covered with them, and i think tomorrow morning we will go on an adventure with basket and scissors.

fern was singing to herself the whole time, with her fingers in her mouth. i tried to catch her doing it, but she’s on to us now with our gadgets and she’s interested in the camera.

warm march sun and cold late winter air makes for pink noses.

i hope your world is filled with joyous signs of spring, where ever you are.


4 thoughts on “seeeeeds!

  1. What a fabulous hookup for the seeds! I am so happy you are able to start up your garden! I have been getting the springtime gardening urge too.

    I use WordPress too. You can make a link in the text by highlighting the text you want to make into the link and then clicking the button that looks like a piece of chain. A small window should pop up and you can type in the URL and other details. You can also switch to the HTML editor and make links that way if you know how. I hope that helps! Much love to you all!

  2. @betty: hey you! are you thinking of planting anything? i’m sure i’ll have starts to spare. thanks for the linking solution!! much love to you too.

    @shane: imma gonna make wine today. maybe you will join me? *door slam*

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