this will kind of be like my post about bluegrass music, except it’s about wildflowers

so if the first was too dorky for you, feel free to surf on.

you know how when you see an old friend; maybe one you see only once or twice a year, and you almost forget just why this relationship is special? then, you get together, and suddenly you remember who you are together. you feel a magic there. and you realize that you really like yourself when you are around them?

well, that’s how it is for me with wildflowers.

we went on two lookey-loo excursions this weekend. the first on saturday to an old faithful spot for blooms: fort baker/battery yates. then, on sunday, to morgan hill territory regional preserve.

from fort baker:

golden gate bridge, goldfields
goldfields and leo of the serengeti
purple eyed grass
golden gate bridge and lupine
we saw a friend

also admired  but not captured were: checker mallow, buckwheat, poppies and blue dick. (stop it.)

from morgan hill territory:

"alain! alain! alain! alain! alain!" (ground squirrel)
johnny tuck (butter-n-eggs)
red maid (still a little shy from the sun)
lichen glam
didja evah get the feelin you was bein WATCHED?
just pretty
there were miniature wildflower worlds all over. bird's eye gilia. (i love the itty bitty blue stamen)
what's the big deal?

jeff stops me on the path and gets me to turn around. “what?” i say. he gestures towards the above like “the obvious amazing view, dumbass.”. so i was a little more focused on the micro. so what?

ceonothus. oh, and some mountain.
indian warrior
manzanita and lichen
ohlone grinding rock

seen but not shown: buckwheat, shooting star, milk maids, fiddleneck, blue dick (richard, ok?), buttercupbuttercupbuttercup, popcorn flower, storkbill, poppies.

and of course:

my two wildflowers
very rare.

8 thoughts on “this will kind of be like my post about bluegrass music, except it’s about wildflowers

  1. oh such a wonderful meander thru your weekend wildflower adventure!
    The kingdom of the little worlds are exploding.
    Thank you for such sweetness.

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