share your spring photos!

shooting stars

i’m noticing that this blog is getting a lot of traffic from another source on the web…a california wildflower “hotsheet”. so i’m willing to wager a guess that along with my faithful band of readers, more than a few of first time visitors have more than a few good pics of wildflowers and other spring beauties.

i would love to do a montage once or twice a week during our spring season of your wildflower photos. what will you get in return? FAME! GLORY! ADMIRATION!

well, nothing really. but i hope it will make everyone who stumbles across this page really happy. all of nature is advertising love right now. i’d like to share it on here.


send a favorite pic or two to: and include,

  • your name
  • when the photo was taken
  • the name of the flower (if you know it) or the name of whatever it is you are sharing.

that’s it!

depending on response, i will post pics once or twice a week.

and if you can, try to get outside soon. it does a body good.


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