thank goodness

it’s friday. here are a few glimpses of sweetness from the glorious sunny day today.

without a doubt, this cherry tree out our bathroom window is the very best thing about living in this house. this is my 13th year to be privy to its blossoms. what a privilege. thank you dear friend.

the tree lives in the page street community garden, where we have a plot.

most of the plots are still sleepy with winter mulch and weeds. a big work day is coming up, where the community of gardeners will get together to give our city lot some love. it’s a treat to stick my head out of the window in spring and summer, every morning showing me something new…a new bloom, a warbler i’ve never seen, a cat being sneaky. and occasionally, rats and raccoons.

the view from the front gate

such a seductive little spot in the back. unfortunately, it’s san francisco, which means that 360 days out of the year, our little shady grove is too cold to sit in. but boy, those 5 days when it’s warm enough, i make up for it.

i planted garlic in the fall, and it’s doing quite well. the rest of the plot i put to bed, and soon will be adding some of these to it:

indeed, these are some of the seeds that were bequeathed to me by america, with the soil from the free farm. who says you can’t sprout seeds in san francisco? (cough*shane*cough).

the garden is also still full of its volunteers from the cooler months. lots and lots of borage…i love these flowers (you can eat them too; they taste like cucumber) and as a flower essence they lend to an easy, peaceful heart.

i’m noticing a lot of bees this season and i’m wondering if it is due to new apiarists in the city. it makes my heart glad, and ache-full at the same time, since the causes and solutions to colony collapse disorder are still at large. if you are interested in raising bees in an urban environment, her majesty’s secret beekeeper has lots of info. their store in the mission is also holding bee keeping classes this spring.

how fortunate we are to have this garden right next to our home. thank you, sf city and parks department. thank you as well to the directors of the garden…they put in a labor of love.

today while i networked in the natural world, jeff and fern set up a better network connection in the house. they installed a new router to the other end of the house, and now our internet is much faster.

fern was helping…do you see her holding the cord? jeff didn’t even realize at first.

have a great weekend!

(p.s. don’t forget to send me your spring pics! i can’t wait to see what you have been capturing!)


3 thoughts on “thank goodness

  1. gorgeous! i love all the pictures of the waking, sensuous Spring! thanks for those, and come on over and see ours!
    (from up the road in Washington…)

  2. sphynx, fern LOVES to help. does mellie?

    janer…thank you! oh how i would love to get up to washington…it’s been a while. i look forward to vicariously enjoying it through your blog!

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