a world of plenty

both jeff and i are under-employed, and despite the fact that we have our MA degrees, we also have a long long row to hoe before we get MFT licensure and start making the big mediocre bucks. we live in a 5 person shared flat, and are trying to garden using free materials on a shared back deck. we barely make rent and are on foodstamps. our families are helping us, and we would drown without them. the only way i am staying in internship is by the grace of the institution’s director. we have big dreams (a farm for fern! goats! chickens! bees! an income we can live off of! employment! a client load!) and since our resources look scarce, it can be easy to start in with the very small fiddle playing “cry for us”. but in comparison to so much of the world (southern sudan, omg) we still live like royalty. and there is also a lot of goodness in our lives and abundance to be found if we just look up. sunny side of the street, and all that. we have enough to share.

our little elfea with her godmama kerri, wearing the hat kerri gave her on easter.  the abundance of children and life-long friends.

and so it begins. sugar pod peas from the seeds america gave us, replanted as seedlings in soil the free farm gave us, in a re-used planter box with horse poo on top we shoveled ourselves. great goodness.

new creations from gibson girl antiquities, using found bark and vintage images that i’ve had forevah. creative energy is all around.

yard sales, street scores and thrift stores have special fairies that work it especially hard for those in need. you just have to be open to receiving what you can get, not going out and consuming what you want, when you want it. we’ve had some wonderful finds that past couple of weeks:

i’ve wanted one of these for about 15 years. a food mill, and this one happens to be 100 years old. found at a mission yard sale for $7.

“neighhhhh!” a hobby horse for fern, scored for free on the street. the end of the stick has wheels for less drag, more clippity-clop.

an $80 dehydrator found while waiting in line at community thrift on 1/2 off day. guess how much?

half-off at $2.50. wow, that put a skip in my step.

taking a bath with a toe eating baby. entertainment that money can’t buy.


spring beauty shared from far away by an online friend. “liriodendron tulipfera” (tulip tree) taken by jen marlow over at artsy craftsy slightly crunchy. she’s beginning a new permaculture journey, is an inspiring artist and has a cutie-pie little girl. check her out.

joy doesn’t always come easy. i have to cultivate it, remind myself of it, sometimes fake it ’til i make it, and always hold with gentleness and allowance the sorrow, grief and concern. what else? a loving partner, bird song, good friends, LOST, my dog, epic walks, music, meditation, synchronicity, magic in the mundane, wildflowers, a good cleansing cry, online acquaintances and readers (hey you!) and snacks.

not too shabby.


7 thoughts on “a world of plenty

  1. Sigh, I yern for a life so simple. You could see if Jeff can get a job with us. Call it a tie over till he finds what he’s looking for. There’s got to be a branch near where you live. Oh, did I mention we’ve got medical benefits?!

  2. walter, our life is actually super complicated, but it’s focusing on the simple things that keeps me sane!

    mary, the food mill does work! it’s amazing. 🙂

  3. I am determined to one day turn our little home into a full fledged farm. Maybe even not a big farm, but a setup where we are self-sufficient and anything coming from outside is more luxury than necessity. It’s always so nice to be reminded I’m not crazy for having that dream, or at least not the only one.

  4. Good evening Mary

    I have popped in for a visit. I see those little acorn babies have found a wonderful home. I do more thrift shopping on principle. The swap shop has also led to a wonderful new take on not spending money. I had a good look at all your seeds. Let me know if you would like to swap some. I am not too sure what the climate change would do but I would love to give it a try. You have a beautiful little Fern…

    A happy day to you
    Warm regards

  5. sphynx, you are DEFINITELY not alone in that dream! xo

    thanks mom!

    suzanne, so nice to have you stop by…thank you! fern loves the acorn dollies, now if we could just get them to all stay together. they enjoy playing under the bed and in the bottom of shopping bags. we thrift shop on principle too, but right now it’s the only way we CAN shop. your swap shop has been such an inspiration to me and it was so fun to take part in it. i would love to do a seed swap…most of my stash has been planted, but i’m sure i have some toms left, as well as others. i’ll drop you line.

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