garden challenge update!

just a quick post for you, with some pics and words of this and that. we’re going up to shasta county this weekend (classic car show! wildflowers! hotsprings! cheap yard sales! thrifting!) so i should have some good stories for you next week.

we were supposed to have a big craft show/yard sale this past weekend, but we got rained out. i have been busy with creating, and while my product staging is…challenged…due to a low tech camera (to say nothing of the photographer) i still have some shots that will give you an idea of what i’ve been up to.

lots of earrings, some made from tree bark and vintage images, and some made from vintage pieces that i have been collecting.

i found some used tiles at community thrift on 1/2 off day, and after discovering that the glaze on them repelled mod podge, i used jeff’s dremel tool and sanded them down. now they are nicely decorated with art nouveau and burlesque images and ready to be used as coasters or little layabout art pieces.

they come in a set of four

i also spent ages hemming the edges of these patches. i have a huge cache of public domain images that i love, plus a huge bag of fancy fabric scraps that we picked up off free cycle. so i printed them out onto transfer paper, ironed them on to a color coordinated square, and now they are ready to be sown onto a favorite cloth bag, denim jacket, old quilt, you name it!

other than that…

i am reworking an article on using flower essences in psychotherapy. if you are a friend of holos institute on facebook, keep an eye out in the next week or two for it.

been busy with gardening!

and loving my family. fern is killing me slowly with her sleep schedule of waking every 2 hours at night (on a good one). but other than that, she is an absolute delight. she’s really into whispering, which is oddly wonderful, and she tells me secrets every day. along with that, i whispered her to sleep the other night (“once upon a time, there was a little girl named fern. she was never asleep when babies were supposed to be asleep. she was always awake awake awake. so her mommy and daddy left her out in the forest and said, ‘well if you don’t want to sleep at home, maybe the witch in the gingerbread house will change your mind!’. and then her parents were immediately struck down by lightening for being so cruel and fern was raised by a nice family of foxes. the end”) (I’M KIDDING. i left out the part about the foxes.).

i’m not kidding about being tired.

and of course, spring is still making me swoon

see you on the other side of the weekend!


3 thoughts on “sprouts

  1. Love the ear rings! Sadly I don’t have anyone to buy them for. The coasters look like a good buy, I’ll take a set of them. Poor Jeff, all pooped out and only Fern to cuddle up with. 😉 The look on Leo’s face says it all about Jeff and Fern’s clowning for the camera. 🙂 Hope your family has a wonderful weekend! It’s going to be a wet one.

  2. walter, good eye! i didn’t even notice leo in the background 😀

    i should have the coasters uploaded to the shop in a few days if you want to check them out then…i’m glad you like them! i hope you have a good weekend too. xo

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