Yo Mamas

happy mother’s day!

this morning i woke up with fern at 7am and decided that i would just get up with her, go in the kitchen for coffee, maybe make biscuits. as i was changing her diaper, jeff groggily says,

jeff: “WHAT are you doing?”

me: “i’m getting up with her. i got enough sleep, you came to bed late last night…”

jeff: “but it’s MOTHER’S DAY. you’re supposed to sleep in.”

me, laughing: “oh that’s right! we’ll that’s cool, i’ll still get up, it’s ok. go back to sleep.”

at this point fern starts to cry and wants boob.

me: “seriously? you just had boob for 8 hours and you want more?”

jeff: “she’s crying because you are RUINING the plans for mother’s day MORNING.”

oh. well, ok then! and i then went back to bed for what seemed like an eternity, in which i didn’t see fern except for when jeff terrorized her with the blender and she needed a little mommy time to know the world was not ending. then back she went. i even read a little, and when i couldn’t stand it any more, got up to pee. i didn’t peek in the kitchen, but the amazing smells coming out of there confirmed my suspicion that deliciousness was on its way.

flowers, coffee, the best fried potatoes EVER, greens, strawberries and GOAT CHEESE FLAN. who the heck makes goat cheese flan? my man, that’s who. even though it had raw cows cream in it, i can still feel the lactose intolerance creeping on but i don’t care. it was so worth it.

you know what else is worth it? the IT being absolute exhaustion and never ending minor anxiety and the end for all time of being solitary unto myself…

she is. but you knew that already.

i want to say thank you to all the mothers out there…the ones i know in real life, the ones i know on-line, the ones in my family and the ones in our global community. we make the world go round. without mothers, (including our great mother earth) all would cease to be. and on the personal level, i thank my mother. my mother who laid the foundation for my well-being, who taught me how to take care, how to have courage, how to carry on. my mother who acts as both wife and mother to my father who needs her, who does her best to mend the broken wings in our family. my mom…i love you mom.

have a beautiful day, all!!!


9 thoughts on “Yo Mamas

  1. Global Mom Quality jumped at least a notch or two when you joined the ranks. Congratulations to both you and Jeff for creating the most amazing little Fern-creature! Oh, and when is Jeff making breakfast for the rest of us?

  2. What an absolute cutie pie!!! She looks like a naturally happy baby too. I must say I’m loving Jeff, what a wonderful husband to do so much for you in that breakfast prep. I might have to have my hubs read this post…….

    I think we must be sisters in a way, I just spent some time on your site and love the herbal and wild goodies you share. I’m so happy to have you join the outdoor challenge and can’t wait to read more!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. hee hee, thanks lisa! jeff is definitely a good man, i feel very lucky!

      and so happy you stopped by… i saw your recent photo of your rosey geranium and feel a kinship with you too. thanks again for offering the challenge! much joy and warmth to you and yours.

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