i’m so LOST without you…

so there’s this island, see, that’s kinda like purgatory, except it isn’t, and it’s kinda like hawaii, except it isn’t, and this plane crashes on it, but a whole bunch of people survive, and rescue never comes so they’re like “guys, where are we?” but nobody knows. and then this black smoke monster starts ripping people off the forest floor, except for this one dude, who used to be crippled but then he could walk on the island (don’t tell him what he can’t do), and he has this spiritual awakening and becomes a man of faith. and in the meantime this doctor unites all the survivors with the creed of “live together, die alone”, and then the characters spend the next six years being totally scared shitless of intimacy and nobody ever just TALKS to each other. and then you know, the island moves in time because this self-righteous ghost dude tells this other bug-eyed guy to turn this donkey wheel in a room full of heiroglyphics and a bunch of the survivors get to get all funky in 1974. oh wait, i forgot to mention the polar bears, and the numbers, and the statue of taweret and WAAAAAAAALT…


it sounds stupid, yeah? then why am i counting down the next 21 hours in nail biting anticipation, getting weepy at every you-tube “LOST” tribute i come across? i mean, we don’t even have a TV. we have to download every episode.


because it’s not stupid. you have to watch it to really understand, and then you realize that this is by far the most epic thing to ever happen to television, that the characters have incredible depth and heart and that the writers are BRILLIANT. and i know, i know, i also  like videos of talking animals but don’t take my word for it. ask any LOST fan and you will get the same response. the show is magic.

please make me a mixed tape

it’s also incredibly addicting. i have had more than one client come into session, get all sheepish and say, “well, this week was kind of weird. i would come home from work determined to be productive, but then just end up sitting on the couch eating frootloops and watching multiple episodes of LOST. i’m on season two…”.

i would GLADLY suffer in a bear cage with you

for me, i have been incredibly intellectually stimulated by this show, and there’s this way that one inquiry branches out into multiple questions, and a simple phrase brings up personal theories on life, the multiverse and everything reincarnationkarmagoodandevilredemptionoriginalsinorboddhichita. oh, it’s good. it’s very good. but in what way has this show impacted me the most?


my dreams. i have had ongoing dreams about the characters (rich, involved and complicated) ever since i started watching. but one guy has captivated me the most, in one reoccuring dream after the next.

sorry jeff.

today i read an interview with the writers and learned some horrifying news.

Sawyer will not be Appearing Shirtless in the Season Finale.

son of a bitch. i know, i know. stay strong. i am here for you. i present you these photographs to try and fill the ache in your …soul. a-hem.

also, here are some LOST video tidbits i have enjoyed over the years.



five years of anger management, there’s not a lot of “ticka ticka” going on

this is so going to be me on monday

this is the best tribute to the end of the series

see you off the island, brotha.


4 thoughts on “i’m so LOST without you…

  1. You made me laugh. I needed that. Get this – I have never, not ever seen one episode of Lost. Ever. But now… now I am verrrry curious. Especially after that eye candy. Ha!

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