nothing is worth this

a white heron lays dying in the oil soaked marshes on the louisiana coast.

heartsick. utterly, gut wrenchingly heartsick.

100 years from now, our great grand-children will look back on this time and pronounce us stupid, selfish and shortsighted. at the cost of the greatest estuary of the northern hemisphere, we were unwilling to give up convenience, unwilling to step into the unknown and undergo change. we are addicted to fossil fuels, and we are also in denial.

no foraging friday this week. i am nursing my broken heart by staying home and working on a special dolly for a friend’s little girl. i am documenting the process and will share with you later.

i know the reality of the gulf, and the mind-blowing impact of this catastrophe is painful to take in. but i urge you to do it. let it seep into your bones the way the oil seeps into the lungs, skin, eyes of the animals. then let the sorrow transmutate, into courage, inspiration and ambition…to support change and be a beacon of hope to those who say, “it’s too hard, too costly, too BIG.”

this world and our time here is a gift. let yourself feel your heart’s rawness, let yourself feel outrage, and let yourself love it enough to say, “NO MORE. NEVER AGAIN.”

much love.


3 thoughts on “nothing is worth this

  1. Sadly this is why Democrats AND Republicans should BOTH be removed from office. There should be a ban on letting them run for office since they keep downplaying the severity of what’s happening. Now we’re hearing that it’s worse than the Alaska spill and what are the Dems and Reps doing about it; nothing except running their mouths and fattening their re-election war chests. If change starts with us, we need to change who’s in charge of the country. It’s time the Rothchild Banking Cartel and it’s Federal Reserve Bank to go away and we return to the barter system that this country had when it first started. No more money and power to the privileged few. Power to the people and respect to Mother Earth!

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