Outdoor Challenge Mondays

we’ve had more amazing spring rain, with the weather turning warm and gorgeous over the weekend. warm for san francisco is high 70s, off-set by bone chilling wind from the coast. this is the time of year where i begin to miss summer dearly. summer where i grew up meant temperatures upwards of 110 degrees. i don’t need it to be scorching, but it would be nice to have some time where i forget where my jacket is, and don’t even need to remember for a couple of months. but even the wind was a little bit less of an arsehole this weekend, and that made for a very enjoyable day or two.

the sky and sun saw us out and about quite a bit last week, rain or shine. we spent some good time in the garden, both at the house and at esperanza in the mission. we also spent the day yesterday in the marin headlands, and at rodeo beach. fern slept the whole time, while we sifted through the rocky sand for agates. just as well, since we forgot the camera.

warmer weather means being around water, even when it is only from the hose in the garden. i’ll take fern downstairs in the bumbo seat, and set her up while i give everyone a drink. after a couple of minutes, if i get too absorbed in my watering, she begins to protest with a grunt-yell. when i look over at her, she lights up expectantly, and then squeals when i squirt her with the hose. and immediately wants me to do it again.

she and daddy helped me with garden duty this morning, feeding the worms and watering.

peas in the background, pea pod in the foreground, both growing up so fast.

have a good week.


3 thoughts on “Outdoor Challenge Mondays

  1. I’m not looking forward to the summer as much (it means 95F plus for most of the day, every day here), but when it’s cold and wet I certainly think of it a bit more fondly.

  2. Your garden is looking good! Now if I can just keep my brown thumb in check maybe mine will look as good as yours.

  3. So Fern has hair!! I thought she was still a baldy until these pictures with her hair glistening in the sun, all blonde and sweet. She is so cute.

    And the garden is nice too.

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