Outdoor Challenge Mondays

it was an amazing weekend filled with good friends and SUNSHINE. it was actually  hot, and from friday to sunday my tomatoes doubled in size.

yesterday we met my dear friend seth, and his dog, ki ki, for a walk up bernal hill.

the view is spectacular
or at least i thought so
fern says, "mmmm. finger. view? what view?" (get it? is this a running joke in my blog yet?)
smiles for daddy
KI!! KI!! SO!! SO!! (buddhist nerd reference. one of you got it. hi seth.)
seth and i in our totally unplanned matching awesomeness. (and fern -- what is with the finger, already?)

where’s daddy? blast! he had the camera much of the time. but we ended our family sunday by coming home and making vegetarian pot pie, marveling at our garden, and basking in the long midsummer light.

have a great week!


One thought on “Outdoor Challenge Mondays

  1. Wow that is such a coooool dog!!!!! What a face! Nice view 🙂 mmm and tasty tomatoes- our tomato vine just keeps on giving, home grown are just too tasty 🙂 xo

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