a dolly for freya

since fern was born, we have been the recipient of a lot of love from a lot of guardian angels. one such angel extended her hand to us during two particularly dark moments in fern’s early life… once in the beginning when fern’s nursing latch was so incredibly bad that i almost gave up breastfeeding and again recently when it became obvious she wasn’t gaining enough weight and we began to have all kinds of fears. this dear woman made her expertise in lactation consultation available to us, anytime of the day or night, juggling three children in her generosity, and all without ever asking for recompense. most importantly, she brought peace of mind to this frazzled and worn new mama, and helped turn the world right side up again.

so recently when i found out that she wanted to give her 3 year old daughter a doll made in the waldorf style from all natural fibers (since her little girl is allergic to synthetic fabric), but couldn’t possibly afford the exorbitant cost of the ones you find on etsy.com, i saw a chance to return her kindness. while i had never made anything quite like what she wanted, i was excited at the chance to try my hand.

i borrowed two books from my friend america on making waldorf dolls and then came up with (through trial and error, i must admit) my own pattern.

using recycled wool sweaters that i felted, i cut out the pieces for the head and body. you might remember that i bought the motherload of embroidery thread at a flea market, and i used this bounty to embroider the face. this is the head with one of the eyes in process. freya has "brownish green eyes" so i found a way to incorporate these colors in a design that i created by looking at other doll eyes i liked.
here you can see the legs and torso, with the arms on the table in the background. this fabric was from a wonderfully soft, grey cashmere sweater.

i was going to document the whole process, but after i had to almost start over, i stopped taking pictures until the finished product.

she turned into such a sweet little friend.
when i was trying different "hair", i realized she would be really cute if i added a little kerchief for her head. with a feather for extra magic, of course.
a close up of her face.
she was a little shy, but agreed to turn over so you could see her back. favorite colors of this little girl are greens, purples and grey.
the little girl is quite fashionable, and her mom sent me pictures of one of her outfits. i modeled the dolly's clothes after this picture, including her boots. i added some sock cuffs and baubles.
every little girl needs a familiar, so i gave her a pocket pet. a little rabbit, who turned out to be a sarcastic little bunny who wouldn't tell me his name and only said, "...puddintane. ask me again and i'll tell you the same."
before i sent her to missouri, we shared a cup of tea.
and she made some new friends, too.

while i was hand sewing her feet, hands and hair, i said a blessing with each stitch. “may you be loved.” “may you be loving.” “may you be love.”

i hope dolly will be a good friend, through good times and bad. happy birthday freya.


8 thoughts on “a dolly for freya

  1. A little girlś dream. I love the bunny in the pocket and itś sarcasm. I want to bottle your talent and drink it up so that I can be just as clever.

  2. i just noticed this in your sidebar. i am so inlove. i can’t even get over how much i love her and her style and her familiar. you went all out, so many magical details. yay. the first thing i’ve seen that you sewed i think… so good. you are awesome.

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