at the zenith

happy summer solstice!

aaaah, i love summer, don’t you? the solstice to me is truly midsummer, not the beginning. however, i will know it is summer in my bones after they have soaked up a significant amount of sunshine, been washed clean by a river and simmered gently in hotsprings. and that, my friends, is on the schedule for this weekend.

today i am celebrating by harvesting garlic (wondrous!), and then this evening i am going to point reyes to hear caroline casey give her solstice address on “the mythic news of now.” (if you’ve never tuned in to “the visionary activist show“, caroline combines pragmatic mysticism, political activism and irreverence. love her! and i need some of her perspective- altering, sparky juju to help me get my feet back in the stirrups of positive change since they slipped out in the wake of the gulf oil super disaster).

today is also outdoor challenge monday, and while we have spent lots of outdoor time the last two weeks… we have neglected to bring along the camera. so imagine fern at the sutro baths, in the garden, at golden gate and duboce park and at the beach. and now please enjoy some pictures of how we are steeped in summer.

if there was any doubt, plants do much better in the ground than they do in containers. from our plot in the garden next door.
one little, two little, three little garlics
happy solstice!
my tomatoes are happy it's summer too
at page street garden
did you know that sweet peas are sweet? i knew, but i didn't KNOW. i cut a few to put on the table and they are sitting next to the garlic. i am getting alternate wafts of floral and savory scents.
at page street garden
midsummer abundance
at night they turn back into gnomes
do you remember the root bound foxgloves i transplanted into our plot next door? (click on picture to be directed to that story)
i grew some funky butt carrots. raw manure compost in soil + not enough sand = creepy root people.

what are your plans for the summer?

have a great solstice week!!


2 thoughts on “at the zenith

  1. I love looking at the things you are growing! Those garlics look sooooooo good. I want to plant garlics now!!!!! 🙂 I am not coming to San fran this summer now missie, but some day I will visit your sweet self again 🙂 I spent our *winter* solstice at the city farm watching local bands, eating yummy sooup and then at midnight being around the biggest bonfire i have ever seen. Happy summer solstice to you my dear 🙂 xo

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