Some Foraging and a Fail

“let’s go up to the russian river!” she said. “it will be fun!” she said. “we can go swimming!” she said.

i should have said, “let’s go up to the russian river so we can get stuck in guernville traffic that moves slower than my social life and then try to find a swimming spot for an epic summer afternoon except instead we’ll just piss off the locals for an hour while we threaten to trespass in their back yards and finally wind up at an overcrowded “beach front” with no shade and sand that is at least 156 degrees that makes my dog dance in frantic circles and be relegated to the back lagoons which we’ll consider swimming in for 42 seconds until we notice the foam on the edges and then watch a dog vomit copious amounts of more foam into the fetid little puddle before us. then we’ll get back to the car, grumpy and hot after hiking the 5 minute dusty trail back to the parking lot, and witness 2 guys (whose names had to have been “zeke” and “jethro”) hop a fence right in front of where we parked exclaiming about having the best day ever and how dude-that-was-totally-a-perfect-spot.”

i had a temper tantrum on the way home. but at least i found lots of red clover blossoms in bloom! more about that below!

i'm not swimming in that
jeff said, "show us how you feel about the russian river!" why does leo look like he's having a good time? i had been dumping the water bottle on fern, so she was chipper.
really, it's great! i can count my blessings...i'm here with my's a properly hot summer temperature...that insect that just crawled up my dress turned out to NOT be a tick. it's awesome!
fern was really into slurping at the mouth of the bottle, leaving large wakes of avocado -flavored baby backwash
she didn't know we were supposed to go swimming and was totally stoked that mommy and daddy had brought her to this little sandy spot where she got to hold the top to the thermos and dig her fingers into avocado peel. it was a great day for the 10 mos. old crowd.
Trifolium pratense

i was excited to find lots of red clover on the walk in. red clover is something i’ve been thinking about a lot lately due to susun weed’s claims that, among many other benefits, it is very good for enriching milk in lactating mammals.

the flower buds may be picked and used in an herbal infusion
it looks very similar to most clover, with definitive longer and slightly pointed leaves. the plants i found were robust and the clover stems quite tall, up to 6 inches - 1 foot in length.
careful to keep the integrity of the plants intact, i only picked a few flowers to make a tea when i got home.

to reap the benefits of an herb like this, brew one ounce of the dried blossoms for 4-8 hours in a quart of boiling water.

we redeemed the weekend on sunday with an early morning dharma talk at shambhala, given by my dear friend seth (who did a beautiful job) and then some cob building at the hayes valley farm.

i hope your weekend was win win win. anyone know any good swimming holes up at the russian river if we so dare to give it a go again in a couple of weeks?


2 thoughts on “Some Foraging and a Fail

  1. Love your posting, so candid, insightful and warm. I hope to keep up with your future postings. Good luck with the clover brew. 18th and Rhode Island garden has a bunch of red clover, feel free to grab a few buds next time you are in the Potrero Hill hood.

    You should connect with Margaretha at the farm, she teaches and studies herbal medicine and is seen in a lot of the pictures of people watering the farm as she helps lead the Breakfast Club(watering) crew.

    -Chris, from HVF

    1. thanks so much for your kind words, chris. and thanks for the tip too about the rhode island farm! i would like to meet margaretha…i think some of her herbal goods were given away at the raffle last night, i was intrigued!

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