Greetings from the North Pole

record heat waves have killed people in india and this summer is the hottest on record, not only in the u.s., but all over the world.

oh really? is that so? because my fingers are numb as i type this and my feet are freezing in their bunny slippers.

yesterday i wept with envy, reading another blog that complained about 100 + degree heat.

but last night we shook our fists in defiance as the temperatures dropped to a subzero level, put on more layers than are ever worn in winter, made a thermos of hot cocoa and hoofed it over to the hayes valley farm for movie night.

that isn't fern on jeff's back. it's our duffel of blanket and pillows.

the feature film was “the botany of desire” with three shorts beforehand, about bee keeping, building a worm bin and…cardboard tube fighting. all essential skills for urban farming.

i’m starting to feel like a stalker…a compost lovin, good earth smellin stalker…in my obsession about all things growin and green. after years of nature deprivation, the multiple opportunities i now have to sink my hands in soil are only increasing, and as i said to jeff last night as we danced with fern to jug band folk, i want fern to be exposed to *this* kind of culture, as much as possible.

the jugtown pirates. they were GREAT.
we had fun dancing.
"hello, my name is fern. it says so on my hat."

although future screenings may swell to dolores park levels of no-place-to-sit-except-the-lap-of-your-neighbor, the crowd went from small-friendly to just-the-right-size friendly by the time the street lights came on.

at about 7:30
at about 8:30

folks from the neighborhood had treats for sale. one gent from across the street had made warm apple cider. there were also some pre-teen girls that were beyond adorable, selling baked goods.

this girl was our favorite. we told fern to take notes so she can be that awesome when she grows up.

i love outdoor movie nights in san francisco. braving the fog with 100s of your neighbors, the collective mind meld that always seems to happen. there’s always some joker in the back of the crowd who makes the quip no-one else was brave enough to say, sending peals of laughter rippling through the audience. we stayed until at least 10pm, at which point jeff lost his tolerance (and back strength) for holding fern while she was sleeping.

this morning, it is, once again, cold cold COLD. but i found a little ray of sunshine this morning on my floor.

yo, wassup? i'm miss july.
pretty fly, for a

one of the short films, as mentioned before, was about the bee keeping on the farm. the film includes some incredible close-up footage of the bees at work.

during this past sunday’s workday, i spent a good amount of time enraptured near the bee hives, enjoying their golden glow, the sensation of buzzy breeze past my face, just falling in love. i have noticed an increased bee presence in my gardens this year, and i felt a recognition that many of these workers were the same ones i was blissing out on.

this morning, i found out that sometime between monday and tuesday, someone poured insecticide into the hives, killing all the bees. i am sickened and saddened and ANGRY. it can only be the work of a criminal, and a very sick one at that. with all the sorrow, travesty and environmental degradation already in the world, why add to it? why destroy healthy bee communities when bees are dying out all over the world? why? ignorance. stupidity. cruelty.

my heart goes out to all the folks at hvf who nurtured these hives and who have lost their best, and most cheerful, volunteers.

if you see a bee today, spend a moment to appreciate it (and all the work they do for our food supply) won’t you?


3 thoughts on “Greetings from the North Pole

  1. Oh no. Not the bees! 😦 I can’t fathom that… who DOES that?!!

    Thank you for clarifying the blanket/bag on Jeff’s back.

    Fern’s rainbow pants are keeeeelling meee….

  2. Hi Mary – it’s jackie and my partner peggy and i did the permie bootcamp with you. Very much enjoy your blog – it’s informative & heartfelt. I was so distressed & heartbroken to hear about the bees. someone is very ignorant about them or else on his or her way to being a nascent psychopath. poor bee girls! we would have been at the film screening but my sister was in town for only a night. in any case, your daughter is *very cute*. hope we see you around and can hook up for some plant-based fun. btw – if you two are into hydroponics at all, it may be a way for you to do a garden challenge that will give you higher yields than your pot-bound plants. you can also plant in soil in larger bags – plastic bags, even. some plants just won’t do well pot-bound.

  3. It’s horrible to hear about the bees being killed off. My foster dad drove off the bees that were living above my lemon tree and it hasn’t been the same since. Fern seems to be enjoying the outdoor parties you take her to.

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