Foraging Fridays and This and That

for those of you who think “surely the summer weather isn’t THAT bad in san francisco. she must be exaggerating.”, i offer proof:

"dear diary. i am losing track of the days. it is not nearly 11 am, and yet the pallor of the sky would seem to suggest evening. yesterday, i realized i have forgotten what my bare legs look like and that i have lost my sunglasses, and don't care. i hear tales of summer in far off, gentler lands, but all i can see is the mist. the mist. the misssssssssssssst."

regardless, i sit here eating a homemade popsicle in my wool sweater (see recipe below) and i did manage to catch a glimpse of our sunny benefactor in the east bay yesterday. i met up with my friend wendy, and her son, corvis, to do a little fruit tree foraging.

i cannot emphasize enough how much i think you should get out there and scout your neighborhood. i see so much fruit going to waste that it’s unbelievable. wendy and i were trying to figure out “why”, and think that possibly it’s because most folks are so used to buying “perfect” produce at safeway, that city trees seem yucky or unsafe. not true! if your neighbor obviously isn’t picking that tree in their yard, knock on their door. the worst they can say is “no” and in reality they will probably be thrilled to ease their guilt to see the fruit be put to use and enjoyment.

we came across a tree loaded with sweet orange plums. i'm nearly plummed out...nearly, but not quite.
both corvis and fern were crazy for plums. one for the basket...
...and one for you.
plum tart? plum crisp? plum turnovers?
this avocado tree was technically in someone's yard but...well...we were standing on the sidewalk. and *a-hem* it's not like the tenants were picking them or anything. hey, wendy said it was ok, ok?
we picked enough to have 14 each. yummers!

we are beginning to have surplus from our garden. the peas have come and gone, the chard has gone to seed, the tomatoes are waiting for that summer thing to happen, the sunflowers, zinnias and cosmos are jolly and the onions are ready to be harvested.

it's fantastic to go pick ingredients for your dinner from the garden downstairs.
but what to do with the green ends? i had yet to break out the dehydrator (procured for $5 at community thrift) and then genius struck.
a few hours later and voila...preserved onions. i sprinkled some on my eggs...delish!

well, now it’s post-popsicle and my toes are freezing and i need another sweater. however, you lucky regular summer feelin folk gotta try making these for yourself. i have been meaning to do an update on our plastic free pledge, but the short of it is that we have consumed very little plastic, the very worst being my most recent purchase. four popsicle molds with plastic holders, $2.49 at safeway. i’m sure there is a stainless steel version out there at some fancy store, which probably costs $25. oh well, i can’t justify the long term waste of plastic popsicle makers, but we will use them as long as possible, we will repurpose them or turn them into heirlooms that we pass down and in the meantime they make a mean frozen treat.

Apple Juice and Mint Tea Popsicles


1/2 cup apple juice (we used organic rw knudson)
1/2 cup peppermint tea (made one cup with two tea bags, sipped the leftover while i waited for the popsicles to icicle.)
2oz popsicle makers.

you can use any kind of popsicle maker, even the saturday morning cartoon variety (holla if you remember) where you take an ice-cube tray, fill it up, cover it with plastic wrap (or waxed paper) and stick toothpicks in the center of each one. i used the 1/2 and 1/2 ratio, but i think you could even upset the balance in favor of the apple juice, if you wanted it sweeter.

close your eyes and imagine warm sands, cicadas humming, sweat trickling...*sigh* nose is cold. enjoy one for me, would ya?

2 thoughts on “Foraging Fridays and This and That

  1. i really really feel for you and that weather. i would freak out. like i’d maybe consider tanning beds. not really. but maybe saunas at the gym. hope misty goes on her way soon so you can have a proper hot auggie.

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