three bluebirds

a week spent away in the land of summer. allowance for the body to just be, without bracing against the cold, without cringing. to be em-bodied, in body, on the body of the earth. at whiskeytown lake i lay down after lunch and felt my bones sinking, the land reaching up to cradle my tired flesh, and i slept, the kind of sleep only given to the truly relaxed. i thought of my papa, and how he always brought a pillow to a picnic. as i let the gates swing open in the safety of lapping waves, i was given those parts of myself always locked away against the noise of the traffic and the speed, the rushing, the reverberation of life against concrete. dreams drifted and i listened to the quiet song murmured by the invisible voices of nature, while torn webs were mended, weaving and stitching a hammock to swing in, netted filaments of light that make life an easier sky to fall through.

i will share a lot of photos this week. for outdoor challenge monday (tuesday?) i offer these pictures from the lake, where the entire beach is a choking hazard. fern ate a pebble. that’ll just pass through, right?


4 thoughts on “three bluebirds

  1. i’m so glad you found that doorway into relaxation. mmmmmm. i totally relaxed just reading you. yay. concrete world has been tripping me out lately. i look at those trees thriving, i think, with just a little 5 foot block of dirt around them, and then concrete concrete concrete everywhere else. how do those trees stay happy? we are all so resilient i guess. we just do what we have to. but it’s pretty nice to be able to leave and get out there to dirt world. yes it is.

    1. yay! i have gotten some vicarious relaxation through your posts too! i think about the trees too. sometimes they are happy, but sometimes they seem sad too. i’ve noticed they enjoy being SEEN. all day long, people walking by and when one finally stops to say hello, you can sense an electric tingle go all the way through to the tips of their branches. what i truly love is when you see the concrete rippling around by their roots, and you get that concrete is nothing against the sheer force of nature.

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