saturday indie mart, sunday streets and outdoor challenge mondays

saturday i worked the alamo square indie mart for “the animal house”, my friend megan’s pet store. she was clearing out a bunch of collars, pet costumes and dog wigs.

"laugh it up. i'm plotting my next vet visit, and it's gonna be an expenisive one."
who's your daddy?

sunday we went to the last of the sunday streets, on the great highway. we walked about five blocks and then opted for the beach. i’m including these pics as part of outdoor challenge mondays

this was the first time fern really reacted to putting her feet in the waves. good times.
caroline casey recommended touching a body of water this past weekend, and offering it a prayer and an apology. i wondered what ocean fern would be looking upon at my age, and if it would still be vital, or too polluted to touch. i prayed for us to stand together in my old age, in celebration of the earth's waters restored.
fern ate a lot of sand.
i mean A LOT of sand. we would just stop one fist from cramming it in, when up would come the other. maybe this is how we can get her to weigh more at her doctor's visits.
we took this picture for my dad, who requested one taken just for him. we love you and miss you dad.

7 thoughts on “saturday indie mart, sunday streets and outdoor challenge mondays

  1. Leo totally looks like Miss Piggy in that wig. I love your family photo too!!! Beautiful. I bet there’s a picture of you and Aunt Bonnie somewhere that looks a lot like these of you and Fern!

  2. i’m with everyone else….that family portrait is the best. you are so beautiful!! you all are. babies crack me up, eating sand, or whatever really odd thing they want to lick and taste all over. such little trippers. oh i love kids so much it hurts.

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