silver fox, doe, hawk

brandy creek will turn your toes to icicles in the spring, and warms up just enough for swimming in august
skinny dipping. never too early to start.
the walk down to my favorite spot at whiskeytown lake weaves through manzanita. perhaps more than any other iconographic element, the manzanita with her leathery leaves and silky bark skin revealed under the peeling layers is what i miss the most.
manzanita is spanish for "little apple". the berries were ripe and i picked a jar full. you can make cider or jam out of them, but i am keeping them to nibble on every so often, a homeopathic remedy for grey days and bone chilling fog. the leaves can also be steeped into a strong infusion as a wash for poison oak.
burney falls. since when aren't dogs allowed? we suffered Henrietta Hates-the-Car to make the drive, only to be barred from taking the walk down to the base of the falls. so we ate lunch. and went back into the town of burney to look for thrift stores. there weren't any. awesome.
as close as we got.
a journey to the hotsprings is always in order. the walk in is a double pain in the ass with a baby and Dorkus Drag-along. leo hates water but when it's hot he will wade in up to his chest and slurp.
california black berries grow all along the pitt river
a little bit tart...
...but delicious
we had time to visit a dear friend who i've known for 20 years. robert taught me everything worthwhile i know about theatre. and remains my favorite director to work with. it took fern a while to warm up to this enigmatic stranger, but was in love by the end.
we don't see each other often enough, but like all family, we are still bonded through time.

well friends, that is my in-a-nut-shell wrap up of our one week of summer. it was a good trip, and also included the usual dose of difficult emotional navigation. it is an old life, one i miss, in the place where my soul still knows it is home. we are back in Fog City, where my present life invites me to meet it. the next two days are slated to be warm, and i can’t wait. as much as i could belly-ache about the scent of autumn in the air, the season is turning, none-the-less and i hope in the next few weeks to tie up some loose ends, squirreling away sustenance for the shorter days to come. this includes some topics on this blog that are dangling in my mind…an update on our attempts to live a plastic-less life, the state of the garden as we take stock of our efforts, and maybe even a fulfillment of a dare found in a secret note. in the meantime, we are also anticipating the best season in san francisco…with indian summer comes hardly strictly bluegrass, the berkeley old-time festival, and dia de los muertos in the mission. the ripening of the year. welcome.


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