Indian Summer

outdoor challenge mondays:

with the tentative arrival of "our summer", early morning trips to the beach have been a new routine. (yup, my awesome photography skillz are exemplified by the shadow of my arm)
sand play is a wonderful aid in development (click picture for link), a perfect beginning for endless games, with many interesting qualities....
the first of which being an ability to stick firmly to little hands and feet
...and we're not so sure how we feel about that. (i like this picture most of all, because i recall someone else in her expression. for those of you that knew him, maybe you see him too. although she will never meet him, i have no doubt her uncle matt will still be known to her.)
we love the beach! bullwhip kelp! muscle shells! broken sand dollars! dungeness crabs! surfers! it's a child's paradise. you would think it would be a doggie's paradise too. but not when your dog is half cat, and half an obsessive-compulsive crotchety old man.

also, the garden tells us it is the end of the foggy months…

the first of the heirloom sunflowers
i don't know what variety this is, it is from a hodgepodge of sunnies that i planted, but isn't it funny how they grow in a circle?
they arrange themselves in glorious live bouquets
and pose as early morning suncatchers
the very first of the cherry toms are making their appearance (i know, for most of you, september is that unbelievable month where you may finally be sick of your homegrown tomaters, but the glory is just beginning for us)
although not quite yet. (are you ripe yet? how about now? now? what about now?). they better hurry up, or every single green one will end up coated in cornmeal and fried to tangy deliciousness.
we have many good teachers of patience in the garden. we've waited this long, we can wait a little more. it's a bit easier now that the air is languid, the sleeves are shorter and the windows are left open.

happy labor day! i hope you are celebrating by not doing any labor at all, except for the very best kind. the labor of gratitude, loving and relaxing.


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