Outdoor Challenge Yesterday

Heatwave! Yesterday the temperature in our neighborhood soared to 96 degrees.

But at Ocean Beach, it was a perfect 75, with no wind.

It was, hands down, the most incredible day at Ocean Beach that I have ever experienced. The high tide had brought in water over the burm, and there were little rivers and lagoons where usually there is just sand. Because they were shallow, they were also very warm, and everyone was playing…dogs, babies, kids and “big kids”.

Fern stood (with my help) in the warm water and danced around. When she started eating sand, it was time to go back in the carrier. Except she still wouldn’t wear her hat.

Even Leo didn’t totally hate it.

I love indian summer.


9 thoughts on “Outdoor Challenge Yesterday

  1. A happy day to you~

    I love the ocean too. I remember taking each babe the same way you have little Fern. Wrapped in a safe sling. Time passes so quickly. I am about to read your flower essence tutorial. Spring has brought some amazing new scents to our garden.

    Warm regards

    1. suzanne, i’m so glad you were inspired! i know from your blog that you have been on a raw food journey, so it makes sense to me that you may feel drawn to the essences…it’s my experience that a living foods diet heightens receptivity to subtle therapies. i would love to hear about any further journey you have with them.

      and if you have never smelled lilac, i will just have to do something about that come next spring (for us northerners) 😉


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