Your carriage awaits, M’Lady

Might I suggest you listen to the following while you read this post?

Won’t you ride in my little red wagon?

I’d love to pull you down the street

I’ll bet all the kids will be jealous

When they see my playmate so sweet

Hold tight when we come to the hilltop

Then we’ll coast down the hill, you and me

Won’t you ride in my little red wagon?

For you are my sweetheart to be.

(Big loving thanks to Fern’s Uncle David and Aunt Iuleana, who’s birthday gift will bring our whole family joy for years and years to come.)

Fern loves her new little red wagon. LOVES it. We can’t just walk past it in the hallway, or the air is wrenched with the most pitiful wails. We must ride it into the kitchen! And this morning, it was absolutely necessary to have our toast and jam in it, sitting comfortably with a pillow and stuffy friends. (And indeed, Mommy loves it too. A dream fulfilled, I look forward to fall walks to get pumpkins, summer strolls to get ice-cream, a place for baby to ride and a carriage for the little girl to grow up with….perhaps someday to pass down to her little one.)

Foraging Fridays will be on hiatus a little longer. As all nature retreats inward and prepares for winter, my squirrely self is busy busy…taking care, taking heed, preparing, finishing, gathering, working hard. We slid out of the coldest summer ever, leapt right over indian summer, and now are coasting whole heartedly into deep Autumn. I have a few nuts left to gather though…there are acorns in the hills and later on…black walnuts.

Hitch your wagon to a star and come for a ride with us! We’ll see you on the other side of the weekend. I hope you have a good one.


2 thoughts on “Your carriage awaits, M’Lady

  1. that was fun. i slept in my little red wagon as a kid. waited for santa in it sleeping by the tree. ha. i love that you all are using it in your house, eating in it, going from room to room in it. makes me want to put a ramp down our steps so we can use our in the house. not really, that sounds scary, but sort-of.

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