Thinly Veiled

As you begin your journey on All Hallows Eve…

Crows fly above, announcing that you are about to cross over the threshold. This calls in the jays, who, with questioning squawks, wonder what part of you is ready to be left in the underworld.

Prepared to go within, you find the perfect entrance for your descent. The warmth of summer fades. Light and soul draws inward, seeking the darkness, seeking the void. The trees, no longer able to resist the lullaby of Autumn, release the last of their glory.

A layer is shed.  Your grip on all that was begins to relax, as you remember the enchantments of your own quiet realms. Deeper still you go. No longer wanting to turn back, the strength of your solitude returns, as does the peaceful abiding available to you through all darkness.

Another veil is dropped. Everything is suddenly in sharp relief.

What you sent into the shadows gathers around you now like beggar children. You used to be frightened, giving them the masks of demons and running away. You resist for a moment, and then re-member.  Delighted to finally have your Attention, they grab the tatters of your disguise…

before gently fading away. Now, you are nothing but your good bare bones.

Your good bare bones, and the soft embers of your beating hearth.

Yet still you walk. On the side of your path you meet a Sybil, one who casts your fortune with the leaves from an Oak. “Sit down a spell” she says, “For now is the moment of divination.”

Together you glance into past, present, future, until the line of time curls upon itself, eternal ouroboros. She gives you good council for weaving the spiral of your life. “With my assistance, you will encounter all edges of familiarity. If you lead with your breath, and with your heart, you will find the courage to Respond. It may seem impossible to you now, but in each moment you will meet a new expanded self . Know she is waiting for you.”

She gives you two treasures to take back with you. Intuition and Wise Mind.

Giving your thanks, you continue on your way. You feel comfortable with your own raw being. Just ahead, you see sparks, lighting the way.

You pick up the veils again, adorning yourself with wisdom.

And stretch your earthly bones to the heavens, while deep underground the roots of your soul remain, nourished by all that came before you.

Placing one ear to the ground, you listen to the low thrumming of the earth’s heartbeat mingling with your own. You are home.




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