We Live in a Beautiful World


When it’s over, it’s over, and we don’t know
any of us, what happens then.
So I try not to miss anything.
I think, in my whole life, I have never missed
the full moon
or the slipper of its coming back.
Or, a kiss.
Well, yes, especially a kiss.

–Mary Oliver

Blueberry muffin batter and a bowl licked clean.
Halloween wagon ride
Punk rock le Peu
Stinky feets

On this Dia de los Muertos, I would like you to know that I love this beautiful world so much it makes me cry. There is a defensive, cynical, prickly voice inside of me that cringes at such a display of vulnerability, a fear that it makes me sound naive. Certainly in these difficult times, it’s the rational, pragmatic, intellectual, city-fied voice that gets the press. So I guess I’m really not cool. Because I have dorky, unabashed enthusiasm about the precious gift of being alive. About land and monarch butterflies (I saw one yesterday) and the creative work of having a human heart.

There is a lot to embrace, once we start to open. A lot of ugliness and pain and unfairness and so many things that can scare away sleep in the wee hours. It can be difficult to enjoy even the warmth of the sun when you know about parts per million and climate patterns drastically shifting and… but just stop. In this moment, late October sun after days of cold rain feels amazing. Life is too short to build altars to fear and worry. There is response and right action and love and joy. There is gratitude.

The Giants won and last night the whole city was singing for hours with car horns and voices. Today is voting day and some people are engaging in conversation and choice. There is a hummingbird outside that has been singing for hours. My dog is fuzzy. My birthday was yesterday and it was a lovely day.

We live in a beautiful world. Just ask the dead….they will tell you how much they miss taste and smell and touch.

Happy Dia de los Muertos.



4 thoughts on “We Live in a Beautiful World

  1. happy birthday sweet dear friend! your birthday is nov 1? what a special day to be born. holy crap. look at what day you came in. i just got goosebumps. my boyfriend who i went to mexico with, his birthday is that same day. we went to the day of the dead parties on his birthday. you actually may have seen his artwork around sf. he has a lot of murals around. jetro martinez…….look for them if you haven’t. i think he has a website that will show you where they are. they are good and trippy.

  2. Love Fern’s Halloween costume! Happy belated B-Day! All the changes at work have kept me so busy I missed it this year.

  3. Happy Birthday. I love Mary Oliver. My favorite poem of hers is A Pretty Song. The first time I read that poem, it gave me chills.

    The photos of your little one in the skunk costume is adorable. Such a beautiful smile.

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