Tuesday Tines

With doing a “post a day” I am realizing that my photography needs to keep up with my writing… I don’t have any new photos to share! Also, my camera is broken (no fault of mine, Mom!). One of those “built in obsolescence” things according to the amount of complaints about the gadget online. I can use Jeff’s camera in the meantime, but anyway…

I think today would be a fine day to do something I have wanted to for a while…A List of Links and Wonders to Share. I know many of my readers are friends with me on FB, so this week there may be some repeats of things I have already posted. In the future I think I will save the best goodies for Tuesday Tines.

In the blogosphere….

I recently discovered this magical lady through her old Flickr photo album, and over the holiday break I stalked her blog like the vintage inspired, fairy believing, creatively hungry creepster that I am. She’s local too, I’d love to meet her.

Umberdove is her artistic name, but WOWZERS seems to be the only way I can describe her. She can draw the way I would if my renderings weren’t so awfully scratchy and two dimensional. I got my mom one of her painted stones for xmas. She recently started working with leather and I can’t stop salivating over this piece. The best part? She has a luminous soul full of grace (read her back story and you will understand).

One of my absolute favorite bloggers is this mama. She keeps it real, lays it bare, loves it, leaves it, picks it up again, dances with it and tells it like it is. Her total lack of pretension creates an online refuge where my heart likes to go hang out. She has become a friend, and I am so grateful.

From the Memesphere…

Just for you, Obama is launching an online identity program. I am utterly disturbed about it, Jeff is not. We had our first political disagreement about it last night, while I projected paranoia into the future and he shrugged it off. Just so you all know, I’m still making a back up plan. I really like Canada.

This is Completely Unsafe for Work and will blind the homophobic. It is also the absolute best “It Gets Better” video, and a really good song too. I’ve had it in my head for a week.

Thanks to this fan based video for NASA I am now 110% in support of space exploration. If for no other reason that I am beginning to think that the survival of nature on this planet is dependent on us getting off of it.

Been loving watching all the animation of Yuri Norstein on youtube. Earlier this week I fell in love with “Hedgehog in the Fog”. He also did the “Seasons” video posted above. Most of his work was done in the 60s and 70s. Definitely worth your allotted internet time wasting.

And finally…GET OFF OF ME!!!



5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tines

  1. I’m in agreement with you on the identity program. The fact that we are a corporation, (Google “Corporation of the United States Inc.” for details) and not a country is what’s allowing some of these programs to become reality.

    1. I googled it, but I didn’t find any links with substantial research. Do you recommend any particular site? (I’m familiar with the story too, but there’s also a lot of infactual conspiracy out there and I’m trying to find truth rather than fear, you know?)

      1. You can try the unanswered questions website here: http://unansweredquestions.weebly.com/common-law-info.html
        that page has a lot of facts most people are unaware about. There is another page to look at but it’s got some opinion mixed in with the facts: http://unansweredquestions.weebly.com/what-you-should-know-but-might-not.html
        That should get you started. Ignore the photos that are on the pages as they are the author’s opinion on people and situations. Another site to look at since Tax season is coming is here: http://whatistaxed.com/
        One final page I just found while researching the current bird and fish mass deaths is here:http://killtheempire.blogspot.com/
        The article is about 2/3rds of the way down the page and talks about Polar Shifts as being as possible reason for the die offs.

  2. i love you too. SO SO much. i am grateful for you. and the keys. i need them right now. i am using them to unlock some sticky locks. the latest door i unlocked, i went in, and it said to me so frickin clearly, that i can slow down. i can do what i need to do, but i HAVE to slow down. yep. thanks for that key.

    that cat video made me want a tail. i could express myself SO much better if i had a tail. i’d have that thing swirling around telling everyone around me to respect, respek, or watch out.

    and i’m in LOVE with the hedgehog movie. never seen that before. i bookmarked it. thanks!

    1. mawww…i’m so happy the keys are working for you. and YES to slowing down. pace makes the difference.

      ha! i can see you with a tail. that image makes me smile. next dance session….go!

      and i’m so glad you like the animation…i had never seen it before either and discovering it was such a gift. loving you xoxo

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