New Frontiers

Naughtiness has a countenance much like the face of a little girl who, contrary to appearances, does understand what “no” means.

Oh, that’s right, we call it “boundary testing”.

Any tips on how to survive obsessive toilet exploration, much appreciated.


And don’t worry. The washcloth didn’t get flushed.

She moved on to the paper roll. At least she knows how to blow her nose.


Sainthood, achieved.




8 thoughts on “New Frontiers

  1. Jack is obsessed with the toilet right now too. We have to keep our bathroom doors shut at all times. I caught him EATING toilet paper out of the toilet, I thought someone would rush in and tell me that my mom privilages had been revoked right then and there 🙂 Good luck!

  2. our solution was to keep the bathroom door closed until asher was old enough to understand what was and wasn’t allowed to go in the potty. so….until he was about two and a half

  3. GROOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS We shut the door too. Hopefully you don’t have lever handles because they can open those type of doors so much easier and earlier. There are also potty locks. But that’s a pain in the ass in the middle of the night for adults. 😉

    Eaten toilet paper OUT OF THE TOILET?! I just threw up a little…

  4. i did toilet locks with max. i did a lot of child proofing with that kid. couldn’t breathe otherwise. but i’m realizing, olive never needed them. why? maybe cuz there were other littles running around getting her attention. zhi probably didn’t need to be locked out either, but they were still needed for max. toilet locks……annoying. she would be heart broken, look at that face.

    1. you know, fern only “gets into stuff” when we are zipping around trying to clean or get ready and aren’t able to pay attention to her. like i said, she knows the toilet is off limits, and she continually tests to see if thats always the case. it would be different if she had other littles to play with….she only digs through my bag/ plays with power cords/ dips in the toilet when we are distracted….so she’s either doing it to get attention, or she’s already figured out that she can get away with stuff when we aren’t looking! ha!

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