Tuesday Tines

Good morning mouse clickers, web surfers and work procrastinators! I am happy to provide you with today’s fine entertainment, especially considering that this morning I dodged a bullet. 4am was privy to some very suspicious coughing, gagging and stomach heaving by one very small person. As I sat up to nurse her in a less vomit inducing position, I felt major unrest going on in that little belly and I thought “This is it. This is one of those first parenting moments. She’s totally going to puke all over my boob. And you know what? It’s ok. I can handle it. Oh, I better make sure I hold my breath…” Jeff ran to get a bowl because she TOTALLY would have been able to aim her projectile split pea soup into a 5 inch diameter. And then…

Nothing. Her stomach quieted down and she went back to sleep. SCORE! It’s gonna be a good day.

From the Blogosphere

My friend Chiara turned me on to this blog. Not only does it give me a major case of life envy, but she’s got a good writing style and incredible information on herbalism, foraging and rewilding. She is a teacher at the Anima Lifeways School. The school has a blog where I read this post on the importance of living your dreams. This isn’t new agey follow your bliss….the author thinks your life depends on it. Very cool.

From the Memeosphere

But you know, animals totally don’t have feelings. Especially grief.

This is basic stuff. Even a “normal, well adjusted” housewife from the 1950s gets it. (It’s a fascinating 8 minutes…just ignore the bad advertisement segway at the end.)

Skydiving with a falcon to measure their dive velocity. Is 242 miles per hour fast enough for you?

Oh Ricky, I love you.

From the Homestead

Wouldn’t it be lovely to be this small?


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tines

  1. oh my gosh that video is so cute. her squealing. she is still such a baby. yay for you. her little laughs have me smiling and it just stays…love fern.and her dad!!! what agood dad!

    1. jeff *is* an amazing dad. i couldn’t ask for a better daddy for fern. i’m glad her squeals made you smile…and good to know she still seems like a baby. in our eyes she’s becoming such a big girl. xoxo

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