Tuesday Tines


Lots of bad news lately (well, anything on “the news” is usually bad, but you know). The Moscow airport. Bye Bye Blackbird. Our neighborhood, peaceful for the last 5 years, had a weekend of violence. Two hours of sleep last night. My coffee cup is empty.

You know what we need? Distraction! That’s right, and I’ve got just the thing. Things. Tings. Tines!

Bread baking is good for the heart and soul (and pocket book). While I used to make bread quite often years ago, I rarely do anymore. Today is a good day to start again, using this recipe. (Sorry “no knead” fans. You need to knead this…and why not? Kneading is the best part of making bread!). It’s wheat too, so I apologize to my gluten intolerant friends. Even for folks who can stomach wheat, it has gotten such a bad rep over the last few years. I dunno…it’s always done right by me.

If you read my last post, you know there’s lots of crows defending their turf all over the city right now. It’s baby bird season! Keep those eyes peeled for pigeons flying with twigs in their mouth, hummingbirds collecting spider web, and more activity at the feeder. And uh…if you have too many crows near your house I have good news. You can now get Crow Be Gone. I know I’m resting easier. Yeah….

Ooh, a piece of candy.

Goosey and Oxen, sitting in a tree.

Warning: Exposure to this photo may cause loud squeeing and head implosions.

Some of you know that in highschool (it was the 80’s. Like, before you were born) I was a…skate betty, wedgie, punk, goth something or other. And this was before Hot Topic, people! AND the internet! In a town full of cowboys! All I had to go on was MTV’s “120 minutes”, new wave magazines, John Hughes films and the dubbed casette tapes from friends. Now that’s an idea for an upcoming post…I’ve got some pictures I can scan and we can all have a good laugh. But even after all these years, there is still one thing that can make the crappiest, grumpiest morning just jolly! This was on the first mixed tape my boyfriend made me in 9th grade. I dare you not to smile. (I sang Fern several rousing renditions.)

Check out those sweet moves! Want more?

I’ve Got Asthma. Actually, he really does.

Spiders in the Dressing Room. It was gonna be a long niiiiiight.

And in lieu of all the depressing news, remember Worse Things Happen at Sea.

Chin up.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tines

  1. Love it!

    yes, It’s nest building time for the Hummers.. I hear them doing their ‘mating dance’ everyday, lately.

    happy eatings!

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