Loafing Around

As per my last post, I did indeed make the bread. Started at 2pm, was slathering on goat butter at 6:30pm. Most of that time was spent letting the dough rise, giving us plenty of time for water play in the kitchen and to conquer the tube slide at the park (Fern is a daredevil…at 16 months she zips down the big kid slide by herself, giggling when she falls off at the end. WHO is this kid?). We have three loaves, which, at the rate we are consuming them, should last us until tomorrow. It’s not even 7am and I’ve already had two pieces.

My own tip and trick about making bread….During the kneading process, I always know when it has undergone the transformation from sticky goo to perfect dough when it begins to…smile…at me.

This one is licking its lips
Ok, so I added the eyes. But don't you see the Mr. Magoo nose?

Jeff was in utter rapture as he devoured his first piece. I think these pictures are kinda like bread porn.

You already know the caption. "I'm gonna eat the s#*t outta you!"
Gosh I love this guy.

And just to continue on the tip from my post a couple of days ago, yesterday I went to secret beach (What beach? I can’t tell you, it’s a secret!) to meet a client and after silently asking for guidance for our walk, this friend flew above me:

My beady eyes are looking at YOU.
An American Kestrel

Sorry for the grainy quality…I had the camera on extrasuperduper zoom. Although my camera was too slow to catch the best bit of this story, I must tell you…I snapped a few shots and then suddenly, it was gone from the viewfinder. I looked away from the camera to discover it was hovering three feet in front of me like, “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille”. It then flew back up to its perch, and when I tried to take another picture, it flew down to me again. Either it’s an attention whore, or I was bugging it. (Or something else, which you and I both know).

Stay tuned later this week for highschool embarrassment.


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