Just Another Day

Yesterday was Wednesday. I knew that, since I did my regular Wednesday scheduled things. Yet, all day I kept thinking about how the next day would be Friday. I woke up this morning, and was wondering if I should reinstate my Foraging Friday posts.

Then I realized it’s actually Thursday.

So what to do with this day out of time? How about a random post? Apologies to readers who don’t know me personally….this post is mostly cute pictures of my kid and dog. To know me is to love me! To read my blog without knowing me might be a little boring.

It has become almost impossible to go on long walks with Leo. Stubborn leash resistance combined with arthritic back legs makes for a miserable experience for everyone. The wagon seems like the perfect solution! However, here’s a little insight into Leo body language. Ears bent back like that means “I really really really really don’t like this”. He stayed in for all of one minute. Maybe we should get him rollerskates.

"Please don't pet me. Just...please don't."
"Augghhh! I asked you not to pet me! Get your little naked monkey body off of me. Is there a doctor in the house? I need a cootie shot."

Despite appearances, Fern and Leo have become good friends. She is very gentle and loving with him, even getting upset with me when I get terse with him on the aforementioned long walks. He loves her because she smells like multiple snack remnants. He now plants himself next to her at meal time. The other day I caught her feeding him, and watched as her face became an expression of curiousity and alarm. I walked around them to get a closer look and realized that her whole hand was in Leo’s mouth, which he was licking and nibbling appreciatively. She finally pulled it back, and was totally unscathed. (For those that don’t know, Leo survived many toddlers, during my nanny years.)

Oh Leo, my first born. I don’t sing your praises often enough.

Yup. It’s pretty much rock-n-roll around our house.

Another one for the files of “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. In my ongoing quest to keep Fern’s play space fresh and interesting, (on a $0 budget) I made her the beginning of what I hope will eventually be her kitchen/apothecary station. An old housemate (Hi Courtney!) bequeathed me this sweet little vintage spice rack when she moved out, and it’s just been sitting in my craft space. Fern likes to sneak down the hall and wreak havoc beneath my sewing table, usually starting with these jars. So I decided to go with the flow and brought them into the sunroom. After cleaning it up, I took pieces of scrap fabric and filled each one. Spice jars, herbal remedies, snake oil tonics…the sky’s the limit! She loves it.

Portraits from an early spring morning. In that second picture, she’s auditioning for America’s Next Top Gerber Baby.

Fern sleeping! Something she only does at nap time. I would love to gaze upon a countenance like this at 4am. Alas.

Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow it will really be Friday.


3 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. Two thumbs up for random Leo/Fern posts! And I’m glad to know that her purple hair is finally starting to fill in! At least one of you has to keep the faith.

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