The Hope and The Reason

This morning I googled: “record high temperatures february san francisco”.

The 368,000 results confirmed my suspicions….suspicions that ping ponged around Facebook this weekend with status updates that you could practically hear the nervous giggles coming through the screen, “Winter bike ride to the beach!” “I guess climate change isn’t so bad!” “Maybe the rest of the country is so cold because we’re taking all the warmth!”.

I also found this gem of a headline, “Sorry Rest of the Country, Record High Temperatures Expected Today in the Bay Area.”

I can think of some alternatives to that. Something like, “Sorry San Francisco, But This Weekend YOU Get to be the Poster Child for Global Warming.”


I almost feel like a curmudgeon, a big ol’ turd in the football punch bowl, being anything less than ecstatic and blissed out by the “amazing” weather. It is amazing. Amazingly bizarre. Amazingly disturbing. Amazingly out of season for the big plum tree in the garden next door to already have leaves and blooms. I definitely appreciated the break from the cold, getting to pretend like it was April in some other place and time. But when I checked the temperature reading in the car on Sunday, I almost got rear-ended from slamming on the brakes. The display said 81 degrees.

So for our version of fiddling while Rome burns, we got out of the city on Sunday for flea markets and Marin flowers. And internally I wondered what the frog does after it realizes the pot of water it is in is slowly heating up. Where to jump from here?

Parking lot of the Alemany flea market, ready to get our thrift on.
Overlooking the bay and city from Battery Yates in Fort Baker, Marin
The best view
The path is easier with a hand to hold
The hope and the reason for change
And there are many reasons, actually
Yes, the future *is* so bright, thanks for asking.
It's going to take a change of perspective, too
Checker Mallow, February 6th, 2011. (I"m just sayin'...)

Enjoy another beautiful day, lovers.


5 thoughts on “The Hope and The Reason

  1. uuugh. i’ve been reading a lot about bees lately, and thinking about climate change a lot in learning about their decline. this is insane. we also just watched the road. the cormac mccarthy story. that really fits in with all this. sort-of. f***. choosing organic. and prayer. those are my methods right now for helping this world. but come on. there’s got to be more we can do. and somehow i have to stay relaxed. you guys look like you managed that pretty well the other day. i do sort-of envy your temp reading though. i’ve always said to david i would move to florida if he would. he won’t have anything to do with it. my nettles are still under snow. maybe you need to come here to hang on to the seasons a few more years.

    1. we haven’t watched “the road” yet…i’m afraid it will send me down a dark spiral.

      but yes, staying relaxed is key, or at least making decisions from that place is what’s important. my struggle is with not feeling hopeless, or futile. tonglen helps. allowing helps. joanna macy helps. jane goodall helps. practicing ecopsychology helps. lately, despair is winning out a little though, with those thoughts that feel like rational reality, “we’re screwed, let’s just be honest here.”. for today, i am just enjoying the nice weather while it still has some semblance of “nice”, before it gets too warm for anyone to deny it, and also just trying to be gentle with the scared part of me. keep on keepin on, keepin the faith. xoxo

      1. you know what. the road has not spiraled down with me. instead, tonight, as i was peeling garlic after the kids went to bed, i was feeling way big gratitude for being able to sit down and peel garlic. because of that story. i am tired, and sitting down to deal with a pot of beans after kids are asleep, wehn i could be watching a movie or knitting or bathing, is not usually something i feel large gratitude for. i’m just saying this, because when a story is powerful and affects me in a way like this, i want to honor it. and i’m not saying watch it either. cuz it could take one down. it was not easy to watch. my heart hurt the whole time. it felt like work. but now that i have a day on it, it feels like good hard work. anyways. i don’t know tonglen, or joanna macy. excited to see what they are all about. i’ve heard of tonglen somewhere in my alternative therapies….i can’t remember. is it acupuncture without needles? that’s my guess. probably so off. but if it this were a multiple choice test and that was on there i would choose that.

        good night love. oh and like that last response. she is practical.

  2. Wow, yeah – tell me about it. While enjoying the blossoms i am also circumspect. Guess now it’s *really* too late to see ‘early’ spring wildflowers on Mt. San Bruno? (checkerblossoms…..)

    I think with global warming marching on and the devastating lack of political will on the part of our and other nations, as well as the slow rate of change every place where change *is* happening, and the fact that individual people and families can only make a small difference vis a vis things like coal-fired power plants, massive deforestation, etc ….we’re screwed. Unless nation states take big-time action, we’re screwed.

    But i don’t think that is a reason to throw hands up/down and spiral into despair. I think we just have to find creative ways to be screwed. There are amazing people doing amazing things out there. I will try to find ways to post these on my blog. It is important to grieve and despair on and off, i think, because not to do so would not be natural for us. So i would say, prepare for a lean world, prepare for a world where progressive people will need to be cooperative, prepare for suffering but make a promise to do what you can within reason to heal it. There’s no other way, right?

    If nothing else, i can say we will not be the most surprised at environmental changes that will wreak trouble or havoc with increasing frequency, and we’ll be the ones more psychologically prepared and better educated in facing them. In so doing, we’ll be able to teach neighbors what we can, too.

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