Tuesday Tines

Was there a full moon last night? Naw, I know that we aren’t even to first quarter yet. Then why was I sleeping with a WereCat all night long?

Every hour, the whiney squirms of an uncomfortable baby, begging to nurse. Five minutes of nursing followed by ten minutes of kicking-biting-scratching-pinching-grabbing-slapping-kickkickkicking. Beware the fury of a baby with boob scorn. When the boob fails, the entire world caves in. Poor little git, she’s had new teeth popping up for three weeks, and I think we’re working on sequential molars right now.

I am short on good humor this morning, feel like I need my own version of the big boob. Let’s start off tuesday’s round of niblets with my favorite grooves right now.

I am loving Parov Stelar after my friend Shane posted this vid on FB:

And this one’s for you Dad:

We had a dance party to his music all yesterday evening, and for a short time it helped Fern forget about her teeth.


From the blogosphere:

My friend Jackie has got her new blog up: Settle Down Radio. She is fresh and furiously funny, not to mention a great gardener and smart as a whip. Good head on her shoulders…I’ll be on her team come 2025, when we’re at 700 parts per billion.

My friend Nicole was my hairdresser for years, and her blog Graph Paper Heart is fun girly eye candy (with easy hair tutorials and funky fashion inspiration). She is a tattooed mama to a little girl that beats Fern out for the role of the Campbell Soup Baby. Her babe is just a few months younger than Fern, so I know that if Nicole has enough time to look this good, maybe I can too.

Please, don’t feed your baby to the alligators.

My dream job! Buckingham Palace is looking for a green gardener to take care of the entire grounds! But wait…it only pays 15,000 pounds per year? That’s…quick calculation here…the equivalent of about $24,000 a year. That’s $2,000 a month…for the entire palace?????

So you’ve probably heard about the fox who shot his would-be-hunter (with the hunter’s own gun, no less)? Well, animal justice continues with the death of a cockfighter who was killed by a rooster. I’m short on human oriented compassion when it comes to perpetrators of violence towards non-humans. I’m also short on sleep, so don’t give me any flack.

This is the kind of thing we need more of. Hundreds of gnomes riding on escalators.

Mad as a March Hare. “Enh! Enh!”

We all know Monsanto sucks. We also all know that Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck) mostly sucks. Well, combine the two and you have one giant SUCK that means very, very bad trouble for small farmers, dairy animals, dairy consumers, pollinators and air borne seeds. In short, boycott Monsanto, WF, Organic Valley, and Stonyfield. Pay attention to this folks, this is very dangerous news.

I just saw this last night, and it’s bound to blow up on the internet today. Even in the cruel light of dawn, it still gives me enough smile power to run the day on. Go granny go!


One thought on “Tuesday Tines

  1. OMG I LOVE the granny with handbag kicks robber’s butts! GO GO GO! I want to be this granny (but not too soon!). Thanks for the blogosphere shout-out, Mary. I will have a new article up (on absurdly high CEO compensation) by end of next week.

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