Secret Life

Fifteen minutes of time, where I stole away from packing and cleaning up, needing to get that one last bit in, before returning to the city . A moment of stillness, to say prayer, to meditate, to connect, to ask, to sink in. A blink of time with miniature worlds, with colors of winter that I wish I could wrap my whole life in. A realm of muskrats, turtles, frogs. Serpentine stones unveiling hidden beauty. Pine. Vulture. Snow melt.

Three minutes from my home in Shasta County, I first came to this spot with my brother, in 1977. He had a bucket that he dipped into the waterfall’s mouth, that we rushed back home where it was placed in the garage. Inside, tiny black and silver fish, swirling around. Minnows. So many things that my brother knew…the location of secret places. The location of secret lives. And now, the location of the other side, and what is there.

Fifteen minutes of retreat and peace, a small vision of which I can share with you.

Lots of other visions, revelations, turnings, sweetness, silliness and deepenings to share from the weekend. More to come this week…


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