Tuesday Tines

I awoke this morning to discover sunlight coming in through the curtain crack. Not that remarkable, unless your routine for the last 18 months has begun with getting up before god (otherwise known as 5:00 am). Before we all get excited and proclaim this day a turning point, it’s important to note that this probably happened for three reasons.

1. I side nursed Fern from 4:30 until 7:00 am. Her head was in my armpit and when she sat up her downy fluff was sticking out every which way and she smelled like salt. Still, if that’s what it takes…

2. She awoke at 8pm last night with hysterical wails, and it was 9:30 before we got her back down again. (Teeth? Did she feel the earthquake in Christchurch? Did she get poked by a poltergeist?)

3. I did the unthinkable and turned on the light at 3am after I couldn’t stand the smell of a horse stable coming from her pants. There was no poo. We just obviously didn’t jump through enough de-stinking hoops that last time we washed our BumGenius. (Parents-to-be, beware. High tech cloth diapers prey on the fears of new parents, that somehow you need this stuffable pocket diaper with velcro or else you will go mad. I have never been so disappointed with a product…they’ve been okay, but along with the ridiculous initial cost, they are made out of microfleece and somehow the stink adheres to the molecular structure of the fabric. We do a ridiculous circus every wash just to get the smell out. Seriously, do yourself a favor if you are going to cloth diaper. Buy some nice bummi wraps, get a stash of prefolds, get a diaper sprayer and call it good. Rant over.)

So anyway, it’s not quite the sunrise on a new beginning, but at least it was a nice change of pace. At any rate, shall we get on with it?


This year I made a resolution to immerse myself in every bit of information available re: ecopsychology. I hunt blogs, I have several new books and it is my goal to feel that I am, if not quite an expert, at least extremely well informed re: my therapeutic specialization. However, it has recently become clear to me that I need to balance out all the dour information I am taking in with inspirational, uplifting and joyous points of view, because those ecopsychologists….not much of a sense of humor there. The current mass extinction we are in isn’t funny…but we aren’t going to get through to others by employing the tactics of shame and fear (Did you know that the earth is dying? Did you know that it is our fault?) and we aren’t going to get through *it* by drowning in despair. So I am seeking out laughter and playful ways of creating change, hope and action. Here is an example.

(llama llama llama llama llama fissshhhhhhhh)

I have never thought they were, but here is a new study: Sheep aren’t stupid. They are actually up there with monkeys.


You say you want a revolution? Oh well, you know…we all want to change the world. Here is what is happening in Libya, explained with the hows and whys. (A great article, with updates). Also, here is what is happening in Bahrain.

Don’t. Look. Down.

Leo has had a bad outbreak of fleas recently, with a terrible raw hotspot on his head that was just crawling with the little effers. Fleas are the one time I call in the big pharmaceutical guns. I use Advantage, since it seems to be…well…the only option. Here’s a heads-up to dog owners…the active ingredient is Imidacloprid by Bayer. Hmmmm….where have I heard about that before? Oh, that’s right, it’s the same compound that is killing off all the bees. Oh, and what’s that? It’s also in our food? Yup. Imidacloprid works because it is systemic…meaning that you put it on your dog’s skin and it then circulates throughout the entire body. When put on plants it also circulates throughout all of nature and doesn’t go away. *Sigh* If anyone has a better flea solution, please let me know.

I completely owe it to Doctor Who that I am now excited about the Nasa research proclaiming an increased possibility of life on other planets.

But it’s not like I want to leave…we have the best seat in the galaxy.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tines

    1. oh i love those bbc vids!! last year “alan! alan! alan!” was an ongoing joke we beat into the ground. it never gets old. i especially like the benny hill birds in the link you sent.:)

  1. you make me so happy. my head started itching reading about leo. i don’t know. i am tripping out that everything is dying. i am not good yesterday or today around my balance in this current event. shot shit shot. what the f to do? i’m gonna raise bees. will that help? i might take out the whole section in home depot with chemical insecticides also. like burn it. or stand there and harass everyone who tries to buy any of that stuff. but then there are times, like you withe fleas where you have no other choice. freaks me out, all of it. we are babies. innocent babies all of us. the earth bore us. now she needs to show us what to do. come on mama. she’s not gonna be pretty though.

    1. heather, i’m freaking out too, no mistake. to the point where it’s hard to just enjoy…LIFE…hard to enjoy seeing birds nesting or gardens growing or trees in the wilderness…with so much personal awareness around what is happening, there has been a loss of innocence (or ignorance) for me, cumulative over time and very intense now. i see birds and i think about how the songbirds are disappearing. i see gardens and i worry about pesticides or industrial ag, or overpopulation, i see trees and i hear their pleas for help as the rainforests are cut down and our native forests clear cut. you are so not alone in your trip out. and let me know if you take out the pesticide section in home depot. i will stand beside you.

      i do have this perennial hopefulness that gets me through. a thin thread of trust in the inevitability of transformation, rebirth, healing. i remember other periods in history when things were dire and we thought the world was ending, and how there was always a surprise ending. never has it been this dire, and so i hope the solution is something wonderful, unimaginable and already underway.

      check out joanna macy’s “the work that reconnects”. she deals directly with earth grief and fear, ultimately helping release it and to inspire creative action. http://www.joannamacy.net/theworkthatreconnects.html

      and i’m with you, all the way. hang in there!

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