Hello Operator

We had some wild and wooly weather this weekend, but the rain arrived before the cold air did. So we had dramatic downpours on Friday, and blue skies but frigid air on Saturday…and no snow. Personally, I think some prankster at the national weather service said something like this at the last all staff meeting,

“Hey guys! Wanna see something funny? I can make the residents of San Francisco wake up from their medical marijuana stupor and get ridiculously excited…all we have to do is tell them it’s gonna SNOW.”

Much snickering, guffawing, snorting. Right. Well, you just keep on laughing weather people….and enjoy that MUD and thaw season while us Calyfornians keep on enjoying Spring.


I’m not bitter. Anyway!

We recorded this for the Grandmas, and I’m posting it today especially for Grandma Timmins, who is having some minor surgery. Please take a moment and send her some healing thoughts and blessings for a speedy recovery. Much love to you Kathy, and much love to you too, Mom.

Take special note of the happy dance at 1:34. (And please block from your mind the sight of our nasty, dirty love seat…we found a new couch this weekend and were in the midst of taking the love seat out onto the street, which means that its ugly glory was in full display. )

Happy Monday!



4 thoughts on “Hello Operator

  1. ps~ i think boulder and san francisco are sisters when it comes to the mm stupor. i love it. every other corner a little herb shop. i just can’t wait till it’s not called medical anymore and we have our own little amsterdam cities. will it ever be?

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