Tuesday Tines

Despite snow-warning-fake-outs, those few extra minutes of sunlight each day are reaching their golden fingers underground and pulling life out of dormancy. For me, this means that I am totally fed up with how much I’ve been in my head (those of you in the know astrologically, can you give a holla for finally being out of Aquarius? No offense air signs, but too much time in the land of ideas makes Mary a crotchety hamster on a wheel to nowhere.) and I am re-membering my creative heart. My roots are starving for the nourishment of inspiration, I am filled with longing, calling to the bees to hurry and wake up, I am serenaded by the ruckus of robins and the ferocity of crows. I want art, I want to spend all my time making Fern miniature stuffed cats, I want to dress up in pretty frocks and I want life to feel much more like a fairy-tale and far less like a struggling internship. And so, brush the snow off your hibernating heart, fire up your imagination and enjoy today’s tines.



This morning
two mockingbirds
in the green field
were spinning and tossing

the white ribbons
of their songs
into the air.
I had nothing

better to do
than listen.
I mean this

In Greece,
a long time ago,
an old couple
opened their door

to two strangers
who were,
it soon appeared,
not men at all,

but gods.
It is my favorite story–
how the old couple
had almost nothing to give

but their willingness
to be attentive–
but for this alone
the gods loved them

and blessed them–
when they rose
out of their mortal bodies,
like a million particles of water

from a fountain,
the light
swept into all the corners
of the cottage,

and the old couple,
shaken with understanding,
bowed down–
but still they asked for nothing

but the difficult life
which they had already.
And the gods smiled, as they vanished,
clapping their great wings.

Wherever it was
I was supposed to be
this morning–
whatever it was I said

I would be doing–
I was standing
at the edge of the field–
I was hurrying

through my own soul,
opening its dark doors–
I was leaning out;
I was listening.

Mary Oliver

The art of Andrew Haslen, inspired by his love for nature and time spent rehabilitating brown hares.

In my next life I would like to be a lot more like Rima Staines, and to live a life in Dartmoor that I can capture the way she has in my new favorite blog: The Hermitage. Seriously, just click on the link to see the header. What would it feel like, to be able to draw like that?

The National Pediatric Association does not recommend screen time until after children are two years old. But what about if it’s “My Neighbor Totoro”? What if watching the same scene over and over makes your toddler stop in the middle of the sidewalk to ROOOAAAARRRR and then look at you while humming in a very high voice, which is your cue to whistle the theme song? Well, in that case, I think it’s very appropriate. (Sorry, I could only find the Japanese version online. Don’t worry, all the little girl says is “What is your name? Totoro? Yup, you’re Totoro, all right.”) Totoro, by the way, is a forest spirit, who watches over the little girls in the film. I consider this early childhood education.

Pretty dresses, walks in the woods and nature spirituality?ย Yes please.

If today’s theme wasn’t about inspiration I would tell you about how Bald Eagles are falling out of the sky because of starvation due to Salmon extinction. If I was going to tell you about that, I would make the above picture by Susan Seddon Boulet a link. And I would tell you not to click on it unless you need alarming information.

My daughter, inspiration incarnate. I had noticed her eyeing the bright red shoes of other little girls at the playground, and we found a used pair over the weekend. Although they are almost two sizes too big, she asks to wear them all day.

I totally understand.

What is Spring calling forth in you?


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tines

  1. I watched “Sesame Street” with my sister when I was one. As a result, I knew the alphabet at 19 months and could read at three years. I think the quality and quantity of screen time matter, not a specific age. Of course, the NPA might be trying to avert parents using TV as a babysitter. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Fern *is* inspiration. So are you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. sesame street, yes! jeff is hunting around to download the first few seasons…anything pre-elmo really. you knew the alphabet at 19 mos? that’s about fern’s age now…amazing!

      and it’s tempting to use movies as a babysitter, considering it’s guaranteed she’ll be happy and in one spot for more than 4 minutes. right now we are aiming for only 10 minutes a day if she is begging for youtube fun, and any longer watching only twice a week. it still feels like a lot!

      and thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. yep. the female love of fashion is so so so SO apparent at the youngest of ages. it is so cute and funny to me, and makes me more compassionate with myself for one, but really makes me just LOVE my girls and thrifting with them or designing clothing with them. woohoo for shoes and clothes and the sweet fun we have. those two girls’ blogs you linked to, heritage and bearwife are the best!!!! i need new blogs like i need , NEED, new music sometimes. love. love the eagles. the kids and i just read a book from the library about a dam that was built in a native american land that totally wiped out the salmon. it was so sad for all of us. i couldn’t believe i was reading it to them. what the f? oh. well. buzzkill. but real. i want these kids to be tuned in, and still joyful and in love. but very tuned in. being properly tuned is where it’s at. i just tuned my guitar for the first time in months. that is a cool thing to do. tune. atune.

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