I Hope Heaven has Booze, a Buffet and Boobs

The number one big guy of San Francisco burlesque, Eddie Dane, passed away yesterday.

There’s hardly a sparkly, mojito glazed memory of performing or being entertained that doesn’t include some little gem about Eddie. The first burlesque show I ever saw was a variety show, way back when he had the troupe “Dane’s Dames”. There was rarely a show I attended where Eddie wasn’t either on stage or heckling from the audience. Much of what burlesque is now (in San Francisco but I will also dare to say in general) is owed to his promotion. His support of the movement made it possible for me to experience, hands down, the most fun I have ever had on stage.

In my pre-pregnancy performance days, Kerri (my dance partner and godmama to Fern) and I were proud to be regular performers at the (still ongoing and #1 burlesque show) Hubba Hubba Revue. The show was hosted by Jim Sweeny (Kingfish) and Eddie, and as a comedic team they were unparalleled. I associate the two of them together, and so Eddie’s passing has a big ripple effect on the show and the whole community.

But true to the spirit that he always brought, I think he would probably be appalled at any sentimentality. So my friends, if you live in the Bay Area (or any area with a little bit of culture), think about hitting a burlesque show this weekend. Drink up, laugh till you cry and don’t be afraid to live large.

Thanks Eddie!

(This vid exemplifies the spirit of burlesque…lampooning yourself and loving it)

(Great Benny Hill spoof by the Hubba Hubba gang, featuring Kingfish and Eddie)

(I’ve never really shown this to anyone before, and if you don’t already know me, this might make you love me…or more likely…decide I’m really annoying. This was shot after a long evening of fighting with video uploads for our application to Tease-O-Rama, the mecca show of burlesque. We finally just decided to break out the wine and video the video. Then we did a video of the video with commentary. For us, burlesque is less about being sexy and more about making total asses of ourselves.

Anyway, this was filmed at the Monday night Hubba Revue in Oakland. You can hear Eddie in the video shout “I LOVE Spencer!” and there is a brief glimpse of him at the end. )

Stay tuned next week for a sourdough update!


6 thoughts on “I Hope Heaven has Booze, a Buffet and Boobs

  1. ummm. i LOVE you. i don’t really know what is goin on in the burlesque world. but you look happy, and so does kerri! i like knowing more about you and your quirky self! and i love honoring those who have taught and inspired us. LOVE.

    1. aw, thanks heather. that vid is from like 2007 or something…it feels like another life time ago. that happy giddiness you see is the reason i want to start dancing again…nothing makes me happier than being a clown on stage. i’m glad my high pitched squeels didn’t blow away any preconceived notions.

      and i love you too!!!!!

  2. whoa! do you know ashley and rose? i’m a bellydancer and Ashley was a dancer is the troupe i directed back in the day. Rose is a friend from when i used to come down to SF regularly to study with Jill Parker. what a small world! i’ve been invited to dance at the Hubba Hubba Revue a few times, but these days i’m pretty much retired, just teaching workshops here and there. how very funny. and i am very sorry about the passing of your friend.

    1. a small world indeed! i don’t know ashley, but are you talking about rose harden? rose started classes with ultra gypsy the same year i did, but we never connected as friends. i studied with ug for a few years and then left to dance with my collective troupe lotus. i haven’t done belly dance since 2004….i must admit i quit the scene because it became so catty and competitive. hubba hubba is a blast, but i know what you mean about being retired…it’s hard with wee ones!

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