Tuesday Tines: The Keep-Your-Chin-Up Edition

So hey! How about them nuclear reactors, eh? Oh…right, sorry. Well, have you seen all that raw footage of the….Uh…nevermind. Have you heard about the self rationing…er….what about that 70 yr old woman who was rescued….

Um. Nice weather we’re having? Looks like rain. I wonder how long it will take the radiation to….blargh!

It goes without saying. I’m informed. You’re informed. Heart wrenching sorrow witnessed. Check. Disaster relief check sent. Check. Updated headlines on the aftermath perused. Check. Now grab your cup of depression defeating coffee and let’s take some time out for reinvigoration. And inter-species snorgling.

First up. Good morning kitty cats.

Snuzzle wuzzle fuzzle.

It’s spring. In the creeks and ponds there are tadpoles everywhere. Awww…dey are so cute. Cuter wooter wittle…come a little closer…aaaaah! Never. Be. The. Same. Again.

You know what you need? A library of owl calls. I expect you all to practice and report back to me, stat. Hoo woo woo.

Checking the Animalarium is also part of a balanced diet that supports brain health.

A childhood walk. Where did yours take you?

Doors to Nowhere. Coming soon to a SF street near you. (Click on pic for link).

Dear jerkface who killed two hives of honey bees at the Hayes Valley Farm, with a can of Raid, last July. Nanny nanny boo boo. The Hayes Valley Farm community is about to offer a series of urban bee keeping classes, just in time for spring.

An instrumental musical offering for Japan by Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater. It’s so so good. Grab a tissue.

Rescued dog in Japan is now rescuing humans.

May all sentient beings enjoy happiness and the root of happiness. May they be free from suffering and the root of suffering. May they not be separated from the great happiness devoid of suffering. May they dwell in great equanimity, free from passion, aggression and prejudice. (Dog and owner reunited after earthquake in Japan.)

Keep your chin up friends.



2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tines: The Keep-Your-Chin-Up Edition

  1. this post somehow feels like mine today. you’re reading stories i haven’t yet. the dog photo is so so good and powerful. oh my god. this is so much. i haven’t heard about the 70 year old woman either. i need to look at places other than the nytimes, maybe. but maybe not. i’ll just come here! love. love. higher ground over here…..

    1. the dog photo has lifted my heart every time i’ve looked at it. there was another dog story, about two dogs who wouldn’t leave the side of their person after the person died. (soooo sad i can hardly stand it) but what cheered me is that the dogs are being taken care of at a shelter and are up for adoption. since it’s on the internet, i’m sure they’ll have a new family soon.

      what’s happening in japan has such strong ripples. the whole world is looking at them right now. and you and i are connected by our own hearts and the care and concern.

      (maybe have a little shack as shelter for three refuges in case the day ever comes…) xoxoxo

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