Sourdough Celebrations: Part Two

After a week and a half, my starter seemed to be as good as it was going to get. The directions said that the starter was ready when it was “rising and falling on its own”. Given the mystery surrounding just WHAT, exactly, was happening amidst all those wheaty bubbles, I decided that the fact that the starter rose, every time, meant that it was good enough.

I decided to experiment with the first sourdough recipe I had tried, for making whole wheat sourdough. The recipe is from “The Kripalu Cookbook” and I’ve been happy with their other bread recipes. I was going to post the recipe and then decided…I really wouldn’t recommend it. Primarily because it creates a ridiculously wet dough. I mean, sourdough batter is supposed to be a “high hydration dough” but this recipe was ridiculous.

I let the first rise go for five hours, then let the dough rise in pans for another three before I stuck it in the refrigerator (it’s good to do this supposedly, creates complex flavors) and let it hang out overnight. The next morning I took it out, where it was supposed to continue rising “at least an inch above the pans”. It had already doubled in size, but then it refused to rise more.

At the start of the first rise.

And here it is, out of the oven.

This is not the sourdough bread I was looking for

Nice artisan scoring on top, eh? Heavy, dense, brickish. What a disappointment!

It sure did taste good though.

Those little holes are kinda right. But the denseness reminds me of when I first began baking regular yeasted bread, and it would come out like a cement mold. And oh yeah, still using the camera phone.
Butter makes everything better.

The next day, I decided to use the white flour recipe in that online method. The night before, I had a dream that I made breadsticks, so I used one half for sticks, one for a loaf.

Hey, looka that!

I put sea salt on top and crossed my fingers. They came out kinda ok. Great taste, great smell, texture not quite right. Same with the loaf. Someone wasn’t complaining, though…

I was in the sunroom and I heard small scrabbly sounds, then munching...
...I came into the kitchen and discovered this scene. Double fisting it.

The breadsticks became her friends for the day, and she took to carrying around six at a time, muttering little happy coos. Did I just cook homemade playdough?

I am not giving up friends! I have been given some good tips by my friend Jackie, the most important of which has to do with lactobacillus amounts vs. wild yeast. I may be higher in lacto-b than yeast. I will make adjustments, continue experimenting and report back…next time with a tutorial!!


One thought on “Sourdough Celebrations: Part Two

  1. her clutching those breadsticks is the best. freedom it reminds me of for some reason. i’m always limiting my kids to a certain number of carbs and sugar, and even meat sometimes. that’s probably why.

    i want your tutorial………

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