Secret Leaves and Moon Wobbles

As this weekend’s super moon pulls on the waters of your own body, may you surf your inner high and low tides with grace. As light and dark grasp hands across the sky for one last dance before light takes the leap into spring, may self love and inner criticism call a truce, combining fine discernment with compassion.

As the aging darkness bows its head in equanimity to the secret life ready to burgeon forth inside the waking buds, may you turn the last page on your own old stories, to find fresh perspective and empowerment unfurling like fiddleheads within the balance of heart and mind.

With Spring comes sunshine and storms, clear skies and tantrums of hail. Like a young child, all that LIFE energy cannot, does not want, to be contained. Initially wild, at first turbulent, may we all find our path like the arc of a rainbow teasing the self important storm clouds, to discover a life affirming way of approaching ourselves and others.

Wind and rain, so necessary for growth, can be dangerous for the small and fragile. May you taste sweet nectar from the fallen blossoms.

Try to remember that the caterpillar has no idea that one day it will fly. The darkness of the cocoon is finite.

Even in moments of sorrow, even when it seems the whole world is falling apart, hope SPRINGS eternal as an unexpected meeting, as a primordial response to light on the skin, as ingenius solutions being whispered in the collective subconscious, one moment sounding like the indiscernable babbling of a brook, the next serving as a reminder of interconnectivity to your lonesome soul.

Love to you, my friends, on this powerful full moon (Saturday) and Vernal Equinox (Sunday).

Let’s play!


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