San Bruno Saturday

An abundance of March rain creates little rivers for little bunnies.
Little Bunny Foo Foo
Pebbles are delicious. Or she has Pica.
Collecting Eucalyptus acorns
She is captivated by so much...
...and I am captivated by her.

Scenes from a short hike up the Summit Loop and Eucalyptus Loop on San Bruno Mtn.

We are headed out of town today and will be gone all of next week. I may be able to post, but it will probably be sporadic. Have a great week, and hopefully I will have tall tales of adventure, animism and rejuvenation when I get back.



5 thoughts on “San Bruno Saturday

  1. woohoo. good photos. a new trip. cute outfit. freaking cute kid. the photos of you in the last post too make me so so happy. you look so beautiful together. and the one in this post make me laugh. you and my sister wear large glasses sometimes and i know it’s cool but it’s funny too. it’s like me and my sweater vests i think. or me and lots of things. i really hope that doesn’t hurt your feelings. please make gentle fun of me whenever you can in return. that trail is just so beautiful. i am so into you leaving for another week. i want to do that soon. hmmmmn.

    1. no hurt feelings, cuz you know what else? those glasses don’t have lenses! ba ha ha! i’m being a total poser and playing dress up. šŸ™‚ i am ripe with things to make fun of, so please do. xoxox

      1. ok. that is funny. it reminds me of this one time, the kids and i were playing dress up, and i put on these funny glasses, that i had popped the lenses out of so i could see, they were somebody else’s prescription glasses. so i had them on, and we were playing around. then all of a sudden we were out on a walk in the hood. i ran into a neighbor friend, who i didn’t know super well yet cuz he had just moved in. we talked for a long time! i got home and noticed that i still had on the glasses. he never said a word! fucker. he just let me talk with my lensless glasses like it was a normal thing to do. i think i sealed my fate as a freak in his eyes on that day. i was also in a weird mood and acting a little odd to boot. and i am actually glad. we are good friends now though. he’s a freak too. he was actually hanging out with us in our chicken pen with his kids when we first smelled the fire last summer. he’s the one that smelled the smoke and said oh that’s not good. and i said, oh it’s probably no big deal. yeah. he went running, sprinting home. i woke up that day to fire. how’s vacation going?

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