Silence is Golden


On the third day of our vacation, I walked out into the Colorado Desert of Joshua Tree and realized that for the first time in two years, my ears weren’t ringing. There was only pure silence, the difference of which is noticeable in the way that a first drink of purified water is experienced after years of sucking at the tap. Along with the cessation of clamoring, there is also more space, and everything that I have been carrying, neatly wound up into an ever growing sphere of anxiety, was able to unfurl itself in tongues, in flags, reaching out to the corners of the horizon. Walking through the dust of the Sonora, every once in a while I found a mirror in a lone bloom. California Bluebell and Creosote.

Just a sneak peek of other images and tales to come. We are back in the city, settling in, letting the dust settle and the memories integrate. It was such a relief, honestly, to boycott the computer for a whole week. Now that I am sifting through our photos, I am feeling excited to show and tell (and to give a tutorial…there was some foraging!). But for now I am holding onto the silence for just one more day, even though the ringing in my ears has returned.

(All photos taken in and around Palm Springs and Joshua Tree, except for the first, which was taken in Antelope Acres.)


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