Random Versatility

Yor Ryeter over at It Takes 10K has just passed on to me The Versatile Blogger Award. Big thanks to Yor!

Award Guidelines

  • Thank the person who awarded you and link to his/her blog
  • Tell 7 random facts about yourself
  • Pass the award to 15 new found bloggers
  • Contact each blogger you want to pass the award on to, and let them know you’ve done so, and let the giver of your award know you accept it… or not.

Although it’s not what I planned to do today, this award does give me a good excuse to also post all the random photos from our trip. Since they are wonderful in their own right but not enough to base a post around, this will be a good showcase excuse. Also, this gives me freedom to write about absolutely frivolous topics. See number 1.

Random fact #1:

I have always had one main rule for my own style. Good hair and good shoes are like perfect bookends for what is in between. A mediocre outfit is made great by their parentheses.

I offer as proof: My depression era work boots by Fluevog. I feel like Natty Gann when I wear them, which is really how I want to feel, all the time.

Random Fact #2:

On that note, of wanting to feel like Natty Gann all the time, it’s pretty obvious that I have a particular love for all things old and dusty. But I’m not sure if folks know just how much more comfortable I feel around vintage things. I can speculate on all the reasons of why perhaps…my time spent in Maine as a kid, surrounded by the early 1900s lifestyle of my relatives and the camp my grandfather built. If reincarnation is the name of the game in a very cliche way, maybe my last past life was in the 30s. Perhaps its because my father is older and infused me with the sensibilities of a different era. I really don’t know, but I do know that during our last antiquing walkabout, I pointed out an old stove to Jeff and said, “See, now this technology just makes sense to me.”, early industrialization still had a stone-age practicality to it. I touch old objects and I feel like a child rinpoche pointing out his objects from his previous incarnation.

I especially trance out with antique kitchen implements. Where's my apron?

Random Fact #3:

All this talk on my blog about “no new plastic” this and “herbal remedy” that, you might think I am a health food fanatic.

Ok, which I am, but what you also might not know is that when I take a road trip, all rules go out the window. Give me my 40 oz Dr. Pepper and can of Pringles, stat.

We stopped at "Charlie Brown Farms" on some remote desert highway, and it was this huge expanse of every vintage reproduction you could think of, including candy. Oh, and that rule about good hair obviously does not apply on road trips.

Random Fact #4:

When I was a kid, I spent many a summer afternoon imagining I was a ground squirrel. I would visualize every minute detail of what it would be like to enter one of their holes, and then run around in the labyrinthine tunnels.

Ant hills outside our motel in Lost PInes

Random Fact #5:

I would really love to be able to proclaim that my primary state of being is one of Love or Compassion.

But honestly my primary emotional experience is Irritation.

Don't touch me. Cholla in Joshua Tree.

Random Fact #6:

I feel like I have known my daughter forever. My surprise at each new development is accompanied by the thought, “Of course.”

We practiced fish lips a lot on this trip. Taken at a bookstore in Palm Springs.

Random Fact #7:

I have been in every continental state (except Alaska) as well as Hawaii, but I have never been to Yosemite.

I used to be able to say that about Joshua Tree, until this past week.

I also had never seen a California Bluebell until this trip.

Thanks again for awarding me this honor, Yor. Later this week I will list who I am passing it on to. (Watch out Heather, Imma comin’ fer you!).

I would love to hear a random fact about YOU.



4 thoughts on “Random Versatility

  1. You’re most welcome and whoever is reading this blog, that is why I awarded her. I truly love your interesting thoughts (photos and words combined).

    Awwww love your #6 especially finishing it with “of course” 🙂 Your baby is definitely a shining STAR on this blog!

    #4 is quite something. Profound.

    Loved the antique jars ♥

  2. ok. how did you manage to do number seven?

    number five, i am with you , sadly, and i am hopeful it will not be like this much longer.

    number six, that is trippy, and reminds me of the movie we saw tonight, source code. i like jake gyllenhall a lot.

    number 1: i am inspired by this, and want to play with my hair more. pulled back in a bun is so the normal. but it’s a cute bun, at least.

    number 2…. yeah. me too! i have been wondering if it’s me wanting to feel closer to my grandma, lately.

    3: sometimes i like a coke, at the movies. like once or twice a year. and for sure on a road trip, if it’s a long enough one to feel like i’m entering another world. coke world. me and my grandma used to eat chips and coke and in the car. we drove around a lot together. she always had a coke. ha! and she lived to 94. but she did not have all her teeth. not any of them actually. my dad was dr. p guy. so funny. i can taste it now!!! and i’m hungry thinking of pringles. and i have an appt. with the herbalist on monday morning.

    4: so cute. i bet you drew maps of it?? did you pour over the sears catalog? i don’t if that relates, but i think it does.

    1. re: number 7–my family drove across the u.s. multiple times when i was a kid, to go to maine in the summertime. then, when i was 19, i took a road trip around the entire border of the u.s. (like in a big circle), plus i drove across again when i was 22…so all in all, i hit every state!

      i really love the image of you and your grandma, eating chips and coke in the car. it’s very visceral.

      re: number 4. i actually didn’t draw maps of it. a confession: i am the world’s worst draw-er. it’s ridiculous. i can see it in my mind, i’ll try to do it, but somehow the translation to my hand goes wonky and what comes out on the page is awful. it’s seriously one of the biggest frustrations in my life. i hope someday to take a drawing class…i will either leave it in tears or have a breakthrough. BUT. i did pour over the sears and j.c. penny’s catalogue. i was always so excited when it came in the mail. did you?

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