I’m a roaming cowgirl, riding all day long

Welcome to Pioneertown, stranger.

Tumbleweeds around me sing their lonely song.

Nights underneath a prairie moon

I fell in love with the Cottonwood trees

I ride along and sing a tune

See them tumbling down

You ain't from 'round here, are you?

Pledging their love to the ground

Lonely but free I’ll be found

Drifting along with the Tumbling Tumbleweeds

On our last night, our friends took us out to Pappy and Harriet’s, in Pioneertown. An old west replica town, built in the 40s and used in movies starring Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, surrounded by glorious desert hills. It sounds like it could be cheesy, but it was surprisingly genuine. Inside Pappy’s, there were countless photos of stars from bygone days, each and every customer was a piece of eye candy, we were serendaded by local bluegrass music and mama got to enjoy more than one beer, and dance with her baby on a Saturday night.



I have chosen three bloggers to pass The Versatile Blogger Award to. Whether or not they accept, they are definitely worth checking out.

Apples with Honey

Light and Macaroni

6512 and Growing


Have a great weekend friends.


6 thoughts on “Pioneertown

  1. i love these photos.

    i excitedly accept the blogger award. thanks! honored. i loved reading your seven random things. i want to go reread them now.

    you girls look amazing out there on the dance floor. more than one beer sounds like fun, mama. good friends are the best. you seem like you are made for the desert. i can’t believe so many wild flowers already. and yeh, cottonwoods. it was a cotton wood that dropped its branch on the boy at the festival last summer. i look at them a little bit differently now. but i do still enjoy them, maybe just not right underneath one with a big heavy-looking branch on it. i might need some emdr on this, i’m realizing. yay. flowers. and green leaves. and beer. and dancing in dresses with babies. and people taking photos of it all. and us blogging it all. i am so grateful these days for blogging and the fun i have with you!

    1. i think i am made for the desert! i hunger for it.

      oh wow, that’s right, it was a cottonwood tree. are all cottonwoods menaces? there is definitely something special and deep about them. and sinister? or just sentient.

      i am ever grateful for the fun i have with you too!

  2. I love your blog! What a wonderful, thoughtful log you got here, of babes, and old time-y towns and environmental musings, and hey those purple tights don’t hurt 😉
    Looks like we have much in common. I was particularly touched by your post about the beach. A recent traveller on the Oregon coast, I was shocked and horrified by the amount of trash. Tiny particles of plastic, huge lumps of styrofoam, everywhere (and even my own beach)…

    Anyways, count me a follower.

  3. Okay, after a few more rambles around your blog, I am even more smitten! Wow, how fun to find a kindred spirit. I was wondering, how is your sourdough method coming along, because, I have a way that doesn’t require feeding, which I always found to be a pestilence upon my day ;D lemme know if you’re interested, or perhaps I will post about it all. Peace and love and sunny skies, Milla

    1. oh milla, hooray! so pleased to make your acquaintance and i am completely tickled that you find connection amongst my words and pictures. that’s def how i felt when i found your blog…i was like, seriously? there’s this awesome girl gardening in her prairie dress in a magical forest, who, amongst other things, married a bear? where have you been all my life?! 😉 it goes without saying but…count me as a follower to your blog as well. again, super delighted to have made contact, i felt skippy after reading your comments yesterday.

      my sourdough is languishing in the refrigerator because i got frustrated! i haven’t totally given up but i am loath to bring it out and continue experimenting. i would love hear about your method…no feeding as upkeep? that would make the whole endeavor a lot easier!

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