An Opinion Poll

So here we are at Tuesday, and for the past few months I have been doing the “Tines”. Bits and baubles and links and videos from around the interwebs.

Thing is, I’m not sure you folks like the tines. I have a way of checking what links are clicked on my blog and on Tuesdays…all those little snacks I post are rarely nibbled on. Also, my site gets less hits on Tuesdays.

So, I need your feedback. Should I keep doing the tines? I’m happy to, since I love sharing inspiring, informative and humorous bits of light. But lately I’ve had the feeling like I’m talking and being an absolute bore. There are plenty of other things I can bore you with. Like copious nerdy posts about foraging.

Do chime in (even if you haven’t commented before, your opinion matters to me) and we’ll take it from here.

In the meantime, the one bit I haven’t told you about our trip to Palm Springs was the friend that Fern made. We were babysitting Nika, our friend’s 1 1/2 year old pup. She and Fern are the same age, and after Nika licked her to death on the first day, Fern figured out how to fend her off when necessary and otherwise they became the best of friends.


Speak up…I’m listening!


11 thoughts on “An Opinion Poll

  1. Hi Mary, cute and adorable photos, as usual. Personaly I enjoy all of your subject matter (though I do have a soft spot for ‘foraging’ info.) I’m not sure what ‘tines’ are exactly, so I can’t comment directly. Hope you’re enjoying the Springtime sunshine!

  2. hi! i’m super new to your blog, but am enjoying it very much! i scrolled back to check out a ‘tines’ post….and they look good to me….i’d be interested in seeing more ☺

    1. hi kim! thanks for saying hello, and thanks for the feedback too. i know it can be a little daunting, talking to strange folks on the internet, so i especially appreciate hearing from you. it seems to be the consensus, so i think you will see more tines in the future.

  3. i love your tines. i pick and choose which ones i click on, but the ones i choose, i always love, and i often forward on!

    and this post is maybe giving me some desire to say yes to a friend who asked us to babysit his dog this weekend…. yikes! i want to, but……what if i go nuts? can i handle going nuts this weekend? that’s the question. do i want to go nuts? i maybe sort-of do. who am i kidding? i am totally already fully nuts. i feel i might go for it. ???? oh boy.

  4. I love the nerdy foraging stuff!! I’m a horticulturist that is getting more into working with food of all kinds. IN fact I’ve made some dandelion wine just a bit ago because of one of your posts 🙂 Keep’m coming, sourdough starts, roaming for wild mushrooms, I salivating just thinking of it.

    Thanks for your daily anecdotes and recipes!

    1. hi erika, thank you for adding your voice! what kind of horti do you culture? i especially welcome your plant wisdom, please don’t feel shy about commenting. and i’m so excited you made dandelion wine! how is it coming along? do let me know of the progress. so funny you mention it, because guess what today’s post is?

  5. Being new and happy to your blog, I’ll take anything you offer. It’s all so glorious and beautiful and so freakin’ inspiring. I’m gonna go back and check out these tines you speak of.

  6. I come for pictures of Baby Bunn. And an occasional ridiculous story about Leo.

    I think you should not look at your stats and just blog what you like.

    So there.

    1. you also come for tidbits about animal encounters. don’t try to hide it. i’ve seen your latest blog post.

      and normally i do just post what i like, but the tuesday links i do for others…no point if everyone just wants me to continue rambling on about cute baby this and awesome plant that. 😛

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