Tuesday Tines: The Beautiful and The Ugly Edition

And so it’s a go, as most of you who commented last week gave the green light for more tines. Thank you for giving me an excuse to fish around on the internet.

Over a week ago, when we were collecting dandelions, I began to sneeze, in what I thought was an allergic reaction to something like this:

It was, in fact, the first sign of a nasty cold that has now turned into an even nastier sinus infection. The stuff coming out of my nose is neon yellowish orange. Kinda beautiful. Kinda ugly. And thus today’s theme. Sometimes it’s hard to tease apart one from the other…beauty and its flip side. We are just coming out of 3 days of a Libra Full Moon. Libra’s symbol is the scales and is the sign of balance, justice, beauty. Put out your two hands and look at them. Open palms to the sky, know that they can hold both…the beautiful and the ugly…you, my most amazing human friend, can hold paradox. It’s edgey and uncomfortable but you can do it. On the one hand is your experience and in the other is someone who disagrees with you. Both can exist simultaneously. In one hand is the surety of your existence and in the other is the universal truth that nothing exists. Duality and oneness. At the same time.

Here is a man who is simultaneously fascinating and repulsive. Criminally insane and wise. Deluded and sane. Read his first words in 20 years.

Funny and frightening. You would seem to love your children, and yet you are certainly damaging them. We are bipedal for a reason.

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the Great Earthquake of 1906. In the afternoon, we had a tiny 3.8 jolt, a little hello from subterranean earth…don’t forget. Did you know, that after the earthquake tens of thousands of SF survivors were ferried from the Marina to Sausalito? (Click on the above picture for historical archives containing real photos from the day).

It is also the anniversary of the BP oil spil in the Gulf of Mexico. Remember that? It has all but disappeared from headlines, but the oil is far from gone…it’s just underneath the surface. Here is the most recent update from Audubon.

Speaking of disappearing, these beauties are just about to. Here are photos to inspire wonder, and despair, simultaneously.

Talk about a paradox, I can’t watch this but if you eat meat and you are mindful about where it comes from and how it gets to your table, I think you will appreciate it. This vid is from a humane and conscientious meat cutter, who shares his process. (Warning: Contains graphic images of animal butchering.)

Right, so now to wash out your mind’s eye, go visit The Girl Who Married a Bear, for eye candy and to find out about the enchanting custom at Easter time in her native land.

It’s a girl. No…it’s a kookaburra.

If you won’t listen to me, hear it from Sir David Attenborough. The old and the young.

Heather, I thought especially of you. Barefoot Beekeeping. 

If you have watched nothing else on my blog today, I highly recommend you watch this. It was filmed on Spain’s highest mountain top earlier this month. Originally found at The Daily What their comment was “Warning: May cause feelings of extreme insignificance.”

I also think it will remind you of how much you love this world.


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