Planting Pohtaytoes

What to do when an awesome garden conspirator gives you seed potatoes and the city of San Francisco bestows the richness of new earth upon you?

Why, plant yerself a spud farm, that’s what!

We had prep work to do beforehand, like choosing and sorting pots.

Emptying old soil out to make room for the new.

And making sure the watering can works.

Prep work is done, now it’s time to start planting!

Lesson number one: Your head is not a spud.

First, make a hole three inches deep.

Next, drop your seed tater in….

Cover up your babies and tuck them in tight.


It was a good team effort.

Our potato planting day was probably the best I could ever think of for natural teaching about gardening, growth, food, root, soil, water and sun.

Leonithas said, “Fern is so little she doesn’t even know about soil.”

Jeff and I explained that there are different kinds of knowing. There is the knowing of names, of science, of words and explanations. Then there is the knowing of familiarity, of taste, touch and smell. When it comes to the latter, Fern is an expert.

We planted enough spuds to hopefully reap a bounty of 150 or so little taters. For now, they are slowly waking up under their soil beds and I am looking forward to copious requests to find out “Are they growing yet?”.


7 thoughts on “Planting Pohtaytoes

  1. LOVE
    1) little hands on potatoes
    2) The whole SF composting thing, THE WHOLE THING (so impressive)! And that you got 5 gallons for free.
    3) Borage, so much.
    4) Sweet-cheeked girls sliding down hills of compost

  2. Those kids come from a long line of gardeners. Nothing like dirt under the fingernails to show you’ve had a productive day.

  3. There’s no better way for a family to spend some quality time than planting spuds (imho)! You are such an awesome mama for making these memories. I can’t wait to see what all comes from your beauteous gardens. Man, I wish I was planting my spuds too, but the bee stuff has taken over my life completely. (I haven’t forgotten about tines-I’ll be sure to check ’em out when I have a free moment 😉

  4. yo. feeling you tonight. that photo of you with your overalls again, on your patio with all your amazing pots gives me goosebumps or something. i love it so much. SO MUCH. go marygood. go family of mary. go puhtaetoas.

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